Here are our past shows listed by semester. If you have any pictures/blurbs/cast and crew lists that you'd like to see up here, feel free to contact us and we'll get it up here!

AIDA: The Musical by Elton John & Tim Rice
Prince Theater, Annenberg Theater

Friday, March 28 at 6pm
Saturday, March 29 at 9pm

This Elton John-Tim Rice pop opera, inspired by Verdi's classic opera, tells the story of enslaved Nubian princess Aida, who falls for the captain of the guard, Radames, who is betrothed to the Egyptian princess who is Aida's mistress. Confused? Good. Intrigued? Even better.

AMARI: Each Day Forward | African Rhythms and 4A Collaboration
Written & Directed by 2012-13 Vice President Alexis Van Eyken
Iron Gate Theater

December 6 and 7

Regardless of our age or our life circumstances, we all have to make the conscious decision to grow up. It's imperative that we own up to our adult responsibilities so that we can contribute to the communities that raised us. Prince Ikenna has to make this commitment as he comes of age amidst one of those politically hostile situations created by adults that could really be solved by uncomplicated, childlike thinking. This is not only the story of his individual maturation, but also that of a nation that must glean direction from their past in order to propel themselves into a more positive future.

The Story by Tracey Scott Wilson
Class of ‘49, Houston Hall

. TopDog|UnderDog by Suzan Lori-Parks
Novermber 30th, 8:30pm
December 1st, 6:30pm
Platt Performing Arts Center

"This electrifying drama about the gritty lives of two street savvy hustlers resonated through the theatre world. The New York Times led the way, calling it “a thrilling comic drama…dazzlingly written!” Lincoln and Booth bear the weight of black history—and the names of white men, given to them by their father as a joke before he (like their mother) walked away. Left to their wiles and their bravado, the brothers never stop conning the suckers on the street and, ultimately, each other in this darkly funny hit about family grievances, wounds—and healing." (performingartslive.com)

The African Company Presents: Richard the Third by Carlyle Brown
Class of ‘49, Houston Hall

Produced by Samantha Osborne
Directed by Candace Logan

Servants by day, the African Company, a company of free black actors passionate about creating art out of their own experience, rehearse Shakespeare’s Richard III by night. Bu when the Company dares to open its show the same time that New York City’s premiere theater opens its own Richard III, things go awry and the racial tensions of 1821 America are felt.

The Colored Museum by George C. Wolfe [20 Year Anniversary Show] Prince Theater, Annenberg Center

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
Class of ’49, Houston Hall

Flyin’ West by Pearl Cleage
Prince Theatre, Annenberg Center

On Strivers’ Row by Abram Hill
Class of ’49, Houston Hall

Soul of the Entertainer – Partly Monologues & 4A Written
Class of ’49, Houston Hall

Diva Daughters Dupree by Kim Euell
Class of ’49, Houston Hall

Harmonic Dialogue: Inspiration and 4A Collaboration
Sirens by Richard Wesley & Happy Endings by Douglas Turner Ward
Iron Gate Theatre

Five on the Black Hand Side by Charlie L. Russel
Prince Theatre, Annenberg Center

Monologues on Black Life – Monologues