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Private Lessons

While there are no substitutes for practice and hard work, private lessons are a great way to improve your dancing tremendously and quickly. Our coaches are trained to look for every tiny detail that you may have missed during the group lessons and ready to answer all your questions. The rates offered to members of PLBD are extremely competitive and we encourage all of you to take advantage of them and sign up for a few this semester.

Private Lesson Options

Professional Team Coaches

Brona Vratalova - International Latin and Standard, American Smooth and Rhythm
Mondays in the Newman Center.
$80/45 mins.
or 267-251-8569

Ihor Kravets - International Standard
Tuesdays at Penn - please contact him a week in advance to confirm space and a convenient time.
$70/45 mins; Ihor also teaches at the Stardust Ballroom at $80/45 mins.
or 201-925-2627

Student Instructors

Vichet Ou - International Latin
$40/50 mins.
or 215-280-6435

Spencer Caplan and Maria Peifer - International Standard
$40/50 mins.

Victoria Gilbert - American Smooth
$30/50 mins for one or two couples.