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Registration for the upenn classic 2016 is now open!

Please follow this link to register:

When you pay for your registration fee via PayPal, please select "send money to friends and family" option to avoid unnecessary fees. We promise to follow the refund policies stated on this website should you require a refund. Thank you very much.

Registration Rules

Dancers in silver and above may double register to compete in their level and one level higher. This means that dancers in newcomer and bronze may NOT double register.

A dancer may register for both bronze and silver in the same dances ONLY IF he/she dances with different partners in bronze and silver and neither of these partners also double registers. For example, bronze Bob may dance with Alice in bronze and Caroline in silver, but then Alice cannot dance silver and Caroline cannot dance bronze or gold. A silver dancer MUST NOT dance down to bronze, even if a team is short on leaders or followers.

We will run bronze callbacks before the first newcomer round, and any unpaired newcomers will be able to dance with those who do not get called back in bronze.

A competitor's entries may not span more than two levels within smooth/standard or rhythm/latin. For example, a gold latin competitor who wishes to do rhythm must do so in silver, gold, or pre-champ. However, a gold latin competitor may do bronze smooth or standard. If a dancer is dancing pre-champ or champ in any category, he or she must dance silver or above in all categories.

Same-sex partnerships are allowed at all levels. The first round of bronze will be run before newcomer, and anyone who is not called back in bronze will be eligible to lead newcomers.

Any couple eligible who has not placed out of Gold may compete in the Syllabus Viennese Waltz and Bolero events.

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