Black Student League


Welcome to the BSL




BSL is meant to reach out and connect the Black Community, and strengthen the bonds between the various groups within the Diaspora. By making connections with our heritage, we can better understand who we are ourselves. Furthermore, the BSL offers a place for students to acquaint themselves with the University and assists the students in making the Ivy-League experience more accessible and fruitful — whether through mentoring programs, socials, forums, cross-cultural events etc. It is our job to serve as the student run hub for the “Black” experience at Penn. While at one point it served as the active political voice on campus, it has shifted to a catalyst and facilitator of anything that may concern those who consider themselves a part of the African American Diaspora.

Mission Statement

        The Black Student League is an organization built around fostering a familial environment that serves as a home for University of Pennsylvania students of the African Diaspora. Through academic support, social mixers and programming, and relevant discussion, we aid in facilitating a strong sense of community, and successful and meaningful undergraduate journey for those who identify as Black.