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Spring 2009: Reminiscence


Qing Hua Ci 青花瓷, performed by Sharleen Chen on erhu, accompanied by Chinese Music Society Chamber Orchestra with Allan Zhang on piano.

Spring 2008: Sounds of Spring

Concert: Friday, March 28, 2008 at Bodek Lounge

Gada Meilin, performed by the Chinese Music Society Chamber Orchestra. Arranged and conducted by Allan Zhang.

Fall 2007: Music of the Heart

Tian Tian (Everyday) by David Tao, performed by Julia Xu (vocalist) and Allan Zhang (piano)

Xiao Qing Ge (Little Love Song) by Sodagreen, performed by Sharleen Chen (vocal solo), Eric Wang (violin), and Allan Zhang (piano)

Qian Li Zhi Wai (Thousand Miles Away) by Jay Chou, performed by Sharleen Chen (erhu), Celine Chen (guzheng), Lisa Hoang (flute), Eric Wang (violin), Allan Zhang (piano)

Tong Hua (Fairytale) by Michael Wong, performed by Allan Zhang (piano)

Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera, performed by Celine Chen (vocalist), Catherine Tsai (violin), Eric Wang (violin), Bill Liu (violin), ... all » Alex Bolton (cello), and Allan Zhang (piano)

Wo Ai De Ren (The One I Love) by Xiaochun Chen, performed by Julia Xu (vocalist), Yiping Li (vocalist), and Allan Zhang (piano)

Spring 2007: Butterfly Lovers

Butterfly Lovers (Liang Zhu) Violin Concerto, by He Zhanhao and Chen Gang, performed by Jennifer Lee (arranger and soloist), Allan Zhang (conductor), and the Chinese Music Society Chamber Orchestra

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