The 2016-2017 Penn Glee Club

Full Club
Tenor I

Sam "Birdie" Grisham - Wharton 2018


Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major: Undecided


Bhavish "Bullet" Malkani - Engineering 2017


Hometown: Voorhees, NJ

Major: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Minor:Theatre Arts

Fun Fact: I've jumped out of a plane that was 10,000 feet in the air one time for fun.

Jacob "Ne'er" Wax - Wharton, College 2017


Hometown: Greenlawn, NY

Majors: Biology, Finance, Heathcare Management

Fun Fact: When I applied for housing, I put Huntsman as my top choice.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: Every time Matt Howard dances.

Evan "Gus" Weinstein - Engineering 2019


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I graduated from a high school that I never went to.

Ryan "Rowan" Young - College 2019


Hometown: Douglassville, PA

Major: Undecided

Fun Fact: My two greatest joys in life are playing ping-pong and listening to Barbra Streisand.

Tenor II

Anthony "Dubai" Anchelowitz - Engineering 2018


Hometown: New Hyde Park, NY

Major: Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics

Fun Fact: During my rather lengthy awkward phase, I was in a Verizon ad for the Spanish market...but I'm not Hispanic.

Derek "Avid" Cano - College 2019


Hometown: Bellmawr, NJ

Major: Political Science

Minor: International Relations

Fun Fact: When I go to Saladworks I ask for a Mandarin Chicken Salad without mandarin oranges.

Harvey "BamBam" Huang - Engineering 2018


Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Major: Biomedical Science

Fun Fact: I can vibrate my eyeballs at will!

Ian "Fergie" McCurry - Nursing 2017


Hometown: Somerset, MA

Major: Nursing

Fun Fact: Michelle Obama put her arm around me.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: Michelle. Obama. Put. Her. Arm. Around. Me.

Jimmy "Annie" Paolini - Engineering 2019


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Major: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Fun Fact: I've been to all seven continents.

Matt "Tot" Peters - Engineering 2019


Hometown: Mendham, NJ

Major: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Fun Fact: Literally any fact about myself is a fun fact.

Arjun "Figaro" Shankar - Engineering 2017


Hometown: Voorhees, NJ

Major: Bioengineering

Fun Fact: I have a pet hermit crab named Vadivel.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: Singing the Circle of Life on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

David "Gwenevere" Silbert - College 2017


Hometown: Bedford, MA

Major: Economics

Minors: French, Creative Writing

Fun Fact: Bananas, which originated in the Indo-Malaysian region, are the fourth largest fruit crop in the world. The levels of tannins in green bananas range from 122.6 mg to 241.4 mg. As bananas ripen, the tannin content decreases and becomes part of the pulp.


Andrew "BBbA" Block - Engineering 2017


Hometown: Davis, CA

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I'm from Yolo County, California. No, seriously - you can look it up if you don't believe it exists.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: Going on the Newman Scavenger Hunt and finally being able to bond with other members of the best class in recent Glee Club history.

Shaanan "Croisan++" Cohney - Engineering Doctorate 2020


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Major: Computer Science

Fun Fact: I came second place in an internatinoal safe cracking tournament.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: Singing the National Anthem at a San Francisco Giants game.

Malcolm "DiDi" Combs - College 2017


Hometown: Rockville, MD

Major: Philosophy & Science

Fun Fact: I was in the Top 10 on my server in World of Warcraft.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: Getting food poisoning in Tanzania.

Austin "Holmes" Du - College 2018


Hometown: Saratoga, CA

Major: Biological Basis of Behavior

Minor: Healthcare Management

Fun Fact: I once hiked to the base camp of Mt. Kilimanjaro with a Rastafarian as my guide.

Michael "Hoover" Jonathan - College 2019


Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

Major: Biochemistry

Fun Fact: I have a collection of penguin trinkets, and am looking to expand that collection - donations welcome!

Sam "Büttcher" Soik - College 2017


Hometown: Brookfield, WI

Major: Biochemistry, Physics

Fun Fact: I (think that I) am Amy Gutmann.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: What I don't remember from Prague.


Evan "Ottawa" Brink - Engineering 2019


Hometown: Winchester, VA

Major: Undecided

Fun Fact: I'm a brogre and I've watched Shrek more times than I can count.

Freddy "Cosmo" Chang - College, Wharton 2019


Hometown: Warren, NJ

Major: Huntsman Program

Fun Fact: I love Frozen.

Matthew "Maaaj" Howard - Engineering 2017


Hometown: Avon, CT

Major: Electrical Engineering

Fun Fact: I have two older sisters, both of which are out of college.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: I don't have one yet!

Jae Joon "Aemelia" Lee - Engineering, Wharton 2017


Hometown: South Korea

Major: Computer Engineering

Fun Fact: My mouth can do lots of things.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: Singing by the bonfire on Fall Retreat.

Michael "Krak" Samuelson - College 2018


Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

Major: Political Science

Minors: Economics, Legal Studies & History

Fun Fact: I learned how to use a bow and arrow with an astounding level of precision. Also, my left ring finger is double-jointed.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: It's a tie between eating dinner on top of the Budenstag in Berlin and appearing as a prostitute/highly-choreographed police officer in my freshman Spring Show.

Isaac "Jorgen" Shapiro - College 2018


Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Major: Undecided

Fun Fact: I get very insecure when I'm not the tallest person in the room.

Aaron "Otter" Weinstein - Engineering 2017


Hometown: Mahwah, NJ

Major: Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Minors: Physics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

Fun Fact: I am colorblind and my favorite color is white.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: Singing "The Red and Blue" while swimming in a waterfall on Mount Kilimanjaro.


Nick "Macintosh" Hunsicker - College 2019


Hometown: Douglassville, PA

Major: Communications

Minor: Music

Fun Fact: I can list all of the Broadway theatres and which show is currently playing in them, all from memory.

Technical Staff

Jasmine "Djill" Adams - College 2017


Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Major: Music

Fun Fact: I DJ and produce electronic music.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: Playing "Never Have I Ever (But I Have)" on Retreat.

Susanna "Swiss" Jaramillo - Engineering 2019


Hometown: Cranford, NJ

Major: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Fun Fact: I've been to every habitable continent except Africa.

Gary "Sapphire" Li - Wharton 2019


Hometown: Markham, Ontario, Canada

Major: Undecided

Fun Fact: I eat an apple a day. No, seriously.

Pearl "Luau" Lo - College 2017


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major: Communications

Minor: Cinema Studies

Fun Fact: I once starred in a self-made parody of "Baby Got Back" called "Baby got Flatback" that talked about the endangered Australian Flatback turtles for my AP Environmental Science class. I painted a beard on my face for this project. I also got an "A."

Ariana "Rosie" Martino - College 2018


Hometown: Mooresville, NC

Major: Physics

Fun Fact: As a child, I was VERY fleetingly featured on the PBS Kids show Zoom.

Grant "Sue" Shao - Engineering 2018


Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA

Major: Materials Science & Engineering

Minor: Nanotechnology

Fun Fact: I lit the PGC 2015 Spring Show live because my all of my light cues were deleted. It was thrilling but nerve-wracking. That same week, I also failed (really, but not really) my math midterm. Such funsies!


Will "Artoo" Drobnick - Trumpet - Engineering 2019


Hometown: Reading, PA

Major: Materials Science & Engineering

Fun Fact: I was born a small human. Since then I've grown considerably.

Mack "Jack" Finkel - Guitar, Cowbell, Banjo - College 2018


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Major: Biological Basis of Behavior

Fun Fact: I am not convinced that I know how to read, I have just memorized a lot of words.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: Performing A-Rovin'.

Jay "Ice-Chai" Havaldar - Bass Guitar - College 2017


Hometown: Dix Hills, NY

Major: Mathematics

Fun Fact: I'm a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki movies.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: Wreaking utter havoc and destruction in front of an audience of hundreds at Fling 2k14.

Michael "Momo" Jean - Clarinet - College 2019


Hometown: Lakeland, FL

Major: Undecided

Fun Fact: I like creative writing and poetry.

Mrinal "Valentine" Kanwar - Guitar - Engineering 2018


Hometown: New Delhi, India

Major: Undecided

Fun Fact: I didn't fill the form out!

Sam "Ahab" Orlin - Tenor Saxophone - College 2019


Hometown: Seattle, WA

Major: Undecided

Fun Fact: I'm an avid listener and practitioner of avant-garde jazz music, having spent much of my later high school years in Seattle art staples, such as The Vermillion or The Royal Room, with the occasional trip to the esteemed Chapel at the Good Shepherd Center.

Alex "Wumbo" Saccone - Drums - Wharton, College 2017


Hometown: Providence, RI

Major: Life Sciences & Management

Fun Fact: I have a twin brother.

Favorite Glee Club Memory: It's a tie between playing with the PGCB at Fling and hanging out in Dubai on Tour!