Past Productions

While the Penn Glee Club has been performing on Penn's campus since 1862, the types of shows performed have evolved over time. Before 1970, the Glee Club performed stand-up repertoire with several production numbers every December in Irvine Auditorium. In 1971, the Annenberg Center asked the Glee Club to be the premiere performance in the Zellerbach Theater. Such shows were performed on tour throughout the country. Since "Handel with Hair," the Glee Club's show has evolved into the musical revue form in which it still exists today.

The Penn Glee Club's Famous Tap Finale

Below are the names of the original productions previously performed by the group:

2015: "Philadelphia Noir"
2014: "Under A Rest"
2013: "Office Bass: A Corporate Musical!"
2012: "Was, Is, and Always Shall Glee!"
2011: "Guys and Balls!: A Football Musical"
2010: "Top Chef!: A Soup Opera"
2009: "Back to the Future!: The Musical"
2008: "Shorts Illustrated: Miracle on Rice"
2007: "Glee's Anatomy"
2006: "The Glee of Clubs"
2005: "Pennsylvania Jones and the Tempo of Doom"
2004: "Now Frat's What I Call Music!"
2003: "Summer Vamp"
2002: "It's Gonna Be Glee!"
2001: "2001: A Singing Odyssey"
2000: "The Fool Monty"
1999: "The Twain Shall Meet"
1998: "Go Forum!"
1997: "Treble in Paradise"
1996: "Killing Time? Dial 'M' for Monty"
1995: "Sing Tut"
1994: "Coda Nostra"
1993: "The Canterbury Scales: The Untold Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer"
1992: "Cross, Chris, Cross!"
1991: "Step Right Up - The Great Carny Caper"
1990: "Basses Loaded!"
1989: "Is This for Reel?"
1988: "Heaven Help Us"
1987: "Time In, Time Out"
1986: "Holmes Sweet Holmes"
1985: "Where'm I Goin'?"
1984: "Ye Merrie Adventure of Robbin' Hoods"
1983: "Saddle Up!"
1982: "Casino!"
1981: "Double-Take"
1980: "Hit High Sea"
1979: "Next Stop - Manhattan!"
1978: "The Magus"
1977: "Extravagancelot"
1976: "Opus 76"
1975: "Score"
1974: "Americ-o-Round"
1973: "It's About Time"
1972: "Paint the Red Town"
1971: "See Hear!"
1970: "Handel With Hair"

Fall Show Collaborations with the Penn Dance Company

2014: Prime Time
2013: Espresspionage: A Latte of Trouble
2012: Armageddon Ready
2011: A Wrinkle in Time
2010: Rock Hard Café
2009: Will Perform for Food
2008: Nightmare on Spruce Street
2007: Crosslisted: Rhythm 101, A Crash Course in Song and Dance
2006: My Way or the Highway
2005: For Commercial Use Only
2004: Collaborate This
2003: Revolutions
2002: Penn Dances with Glee