Manna Fujiu


Don't be late or she will castrate you. Seriously. Best President Ever!


Natsumi Komori


She ruins karaoke nights by singing so well. Also, she usees herbal essence shampoo.


Kenji Tulman

Vice President of External

This Hawaiian stud straight from Hilo will give you a private lu'au for the right price.

Daniel Weng

Vice President of External

This frat bro gives his woman proper loving anytime of the month.


Laurin Noguchi

Vice President of Marketing

Part time nurse, full time mom. Unless you pass out at a party, then she might leave you.


Wataru Fujimura

Vice President of Drinking

Not quite sure exactly what his job is, but you can bet he'll be around if there's a cute Asian girl in the room.


Lisa Marsova

Vice President Internal - General Body

This Russian model is probably out of your league. And she can fit three hotdogs in her mouth. That's right fellas.