The Board


Manna Fujiu

Manna's Resume:
Benevolent Monarch of JSA
Reigning Iron Chef
Government position at the "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" Division
Can cut cucumbers, bananas, pickles, and sausages with extreme precision.


Daniel Weng

This kid may look soft on the outside (and the inside), but he knows how to put it down, whether it's (non-) alcoholic beverages or anything you might find that looks edible. He hunts wild animals with his bare hands and bathes in the blood of his conquests.

VP Finance

Amanda Chan

The not-Daniel 1/2 of JSA’s Dynamic Duo. Which unfortunately means she’s usually the butt- end of jokes involving their...involvements. Small talk aside, she’s probably the most reliable person on the JSA Board. We trust her to be good with handling even tiny details, so she’s our VP of Finance. Really, we wouldn’t even know if she’s skimming an inch or two off the top.

VP Marketing

Jonathan Chen

Our resident, Japan-passionate Taiwanese Jeremy Lin lookalike computer wiz has been brought on board for the purpose of outsourcing our computer work to. In his free time away from his computer, Jon enjoys taking his pasty bod' for long walks on the beach, getting swole, and making bank at Goldman in the summer. Very knowledgable with magical herbs

VP Internal

Laurin Noguchi

This sweetheart is not only the VP of Internals, but also the mother figure of our JSA family. Although she is an active nurse, no care plans or modules can keep her from doing her job. Her phenomenal balance of working and being the life of the party will probably make you question your own worth. But don't worry, with so much love to give, Laurin will make you feel at home with JSA!

VP Internal

Yuta Inaba

This half-time Whartonite, half-time Engineering genius can be found either studying for his seven midterms or cooking delicious foodstuffs in his kitchen. Yuta sometimes goes on random traveling adventures and takes a billion pictures of (what else?) more food. He might come off as quiet as first, but he'll blow you away with Puzzles-and-Dragons skills!

VP Internal

Yuma Tada

Yuma “constant downer” Tada is founder and only member of the secret society, Order of the Jomega. JSA’s VP External may sweep you off your feet with his clean smile and even cleaner conscious, but beware of spicy foods on dates.

VP External

Toru Mihama

Toru is a man of determination and samurai-hood. He has trained his liver from dawn to dusk since the age of 12, dreaming that one day he will unite all the fraternities under his flag.

Internal Chair

Yuichiro Iwamoto

Commonly seen with his right-hand man Taku, this J boy is sure to confuse both you and himself. A bundle of trouble wherever he goes, he'll happily teach you the JSA pose and how to adapt to your surroundings (i.e. sleeping no matter what the location). He's sure to give you a good laugh with the hengaos he's been practicing with the help of hengao- professional, Hannah. Japanese to the core, he'll help you explore the inner workings of JSA.


Taku Sato

Taku Sato is usually our composed JSA treasurer, befitting of his position. In his free time Taku enjoys quality liquor while eating and playing mahjong late into the night. Although Taku may look rather stoic, you can occasionally see his true self when he has drinks way too much. His other personality is totally a Japanese stereotype.

Internal Chair

Victor Tan

This trustworthy frat bro can help you from taking your next shot with you to inviting you to his land of lascivious women. Though he might look tough, any female with two legs will have him completely neutered.


Shun Sakai

This dark and brooding Sophomore is more than meets the eye. A flaming fashionista at heart, Stud Sakai can be seen sporting chic scarves or fish costumes around town. Most days Shun is busy keeping JSA in line with his excellent secretarial and chaperoning skills. But with a drink (or eight) you'll be sure to unlock his final form.

External Chair

Mia Leyland

Honestly, we’re pretty surprised that Mia is a part of the Japan Student Association at all, considering her unhealthy sexual obsession with Korean pop stars. But mental instabilities aside, Mia is an invaluable and beloved member of JSA, always bringing her half-Japanese/half-white wit and humor to every meeting and event. An avid and self-proclaimed lover of recording sentimental videos, looking like a mirror image of her younger sister (and being told this repeatedly), and sitting in Japanese history classes for hours on end, we can’t wait to see which Asian (read: Korean) man she will wed in the ridiculously near future.

Fundraising Committee

Hannah Rosenfeld

Hannah is currently a Sophomore at Penn, and hails from the wonderful metropolis that is Tokyo. Hannah is actually one of the few members of JSA who's parents currently reside in Japan. Hannah is one of the more soft-spoken members of JSA, but actually possesses one of the more dynamic personalities. Whipping out her signature hengao left and right, Hannah is always a great addition to any JSA event. She's also an avid supporter of soccer and supports Arsenal F.C. in the Premier

Fundraising Committee

Ryan Hull

Through his refreshing sense of humor and boyish good looks, he is an essential member of JSA's board. Despite being from New Hampshire, he sure know about Japan as well as any Japanese. Even though he is not around for a semester, we can be sure that he is making JSA proud with his adventures in Japan.

Professional Chair

David Hays

As the token white guy on JSA board, David is our poster child for diversity and a living, breathing example that "you don't have to be Japanese to be in JSA!" Like, we swear, he's totally on JSA Board. In fact, he's done internships in Tokyo and sets up mixers with Japanese MBAs on campus as JSA's Professional Chair. And his eyes are arguably smaller than half of the board's. Now will you please believe that he's one of us?

Professional Chair

Wataru Fujimura

Does not show up enough for anyone to know what he really looks like. Legend has it that if you throw a party, you might see him in the shadows.