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1:00 pm
Wood St. Building

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4:00 pm


6:30 pm
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Scripture Study
8:00 pm
The Grange


7:00 pm
Wood St. Building
Relief Society Room

Penn Rocks

Brenna Adelman

Brenna Adelman is a senior in the School of Nursing with hopes of working in a pediatric emergency department after she graduates, before going on to grad school at Penn to become an acute care pediatric nurse practitioner (try saying that five times fast!). She is originally from Houston, Texas, but decided to come out east for school for a change in scenery. After the fall of her sophomore year, Brenna decided to serve an LDS mission and was called to Oaxaca, Mexico where she ate crickets, learned what real Mexican food is supposed to taste like, and came to know her Savior on a personal level. When she’s not frantically trying to figure out post-grad plans, Brenna can most likely be found in the kitchen baking an absurd amount of sweets, exploring the great city of Philadelphia, or jamming out on her ukulele. Brenna has loved serving as LDSSA president this past year and can't believe this is her last year in LDSSA (until grad school of course!). She is SO grateful for the family-like friendships she has made in LDSSA, and can’t even begin to imagine her time at Penn without all of the amazing LDSSA-filled memories!

Stewart Silver

Stewart Silver is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently studying biochemistry by fulfilling introductory course credits in chemistry, physics, and math, and by working part-time in a research laboratory investigating some properties of HIV. His hope is to use an understanding of the fundamental processes of life to effect some amount of significant positive change on the world. He will likely end up being a doctor, though the specifics are far from determined.

Despite claiming to be very busy with schoolwork, Stewart enjoys taking time to study the gospel of Jesus Christ, spend time with friends, run, and do something silly every once in a while.

After graduating high school in 2013, Stewart took some time off from school to serve as a missionary in the Idaho Twin Falls Mission of the LDS Church. It was probably (ok, undoubtedly) the greatest set of experiences of his life, and Stewart is excited to continue sharing the gospel with all the wonderful people at Penn and around the area.

Stewart is most recently from Columbus, OH, and has also lived in Oakton, VA, Claremont, CA, and Sandy, UT. He is very adventurous, loves to be outdoors, was an avid Boy Scout, and is currently training to be an EMT. He also enjoys board games, pool, ping pong, and the like. He has many random interests, and is happy to pick up new ones! He looks forward to meeting anyone who will be visiting or attending Penn and willing to hang out with Mormons!

Jacob Minter

Jacob Minter is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Mathematical Economics and Computer Science. Having grown in up among the mountains and lakes of Northern Idaho, Jacob has come to love Philadelphia as his second home, and will be forever indebted to the City of Brotherly Love for introducing him to the wonders of pretzels, "wooder" ice, and halal food carts. When he's not working on schoolwork or hanging out with his Penn LDSSA family, Jacob can probably be found checking out a new Philadelphia restaurant, watching a good movie with friends, or exploring the streets of West Philly. Jacob is really grateful for the experience of being an LDS student in a large northeastern city and for the many ways the Gospel and his Penn education have blessed his life.

Timothy Austin

Tim graduated from BYU in 2011 with BS in Neuroscience, and is continuing his education as he works on a Ph.D. at Drexel University. He is originally from Lehi, Utah and served an LDS mission in Columbus, Ohio. He enjoys hiking, sports, hanging with friends and attempting to navigate Philadelphia’s byzantine transportation system.

Daniel Yesilonis

Daniel graduated from Temple University in 2016 with a degree in Advertising. He currently works in the marketing department of a publishing company while he considers potential future educational opportunities. He has lived in Pennsylvania his entire life and considers to be the greatest state in the union. His hobbies include eating Asian food, spending time with friends and watching reality television. He is a devoted fan of all Philadelphia Sports teams but he loves the Flyers most of all.

Mika Graviet

The one and only Mika Graviet is an Emmett, Idaho native who decided to venture out East to attend Penn's Nursing School! She's currently taking an 18 month leave of absence to serve an LDS mission in Fukuoka, Japan and will be back at school in the fall of 2018 (and boy are we gonna be happy to have her back!). She finished three semesters here at Penn before heading off into the mission field. Mika is not only known for her loving, compassionate, and positive personality, but is also the master of giving the people she knows and loves nicknames! Mika lives up to her "Idaho roots" and loves potatoes in all forms, is a MASTER pianist, enjoys the occasional Japanese TV drama, and even dabbles in underwater basket weaving. We are SO proud of our beloved Mika-San for her decision to serve Christ and become a missionary, and can't wait to have our little ray of sunshine back in LDSSA in a year!

Jakob Hansen

Jakob is originally from Mesa, Arizona, where he studied Mathematics at Arizona State University. He discovered the joys and trials of living in a major city on the East coast when he came to Penn to get another degree in mathematics. You'll often find him staring into space thinking about the properties of functors between categories of sheaves associated to morphisms of partially ordered sets. But he also enjoys more comprehensible things, like music—he currently serves as organist for the YSA ward and sings in the Penn Choir. He also enjoys writing in the third person, self-reference, and self-referential self-reference.

Lauren Romero

Lauren Elizabeth Romero is a female homo sapiens sapiens containing 206 bones, and she can name every one of them. She is a comparative anatomist specializing in osteology. When not face-to-face with another person's skull, Lauren enjoys reading, discussing current events in coffeehouses (without drinking coffee, of course), and listening to all different kinds of music. (RIP 2Pac.) Lauren answers questions in Gospel Doctrine to avoid being asked to speak in sacrament meeting, which has worked so far. You might recognize her at church on Sunday by her fancy hat. She loves to uplift the Penn LDSSA by making them smile and laugh.

Wallace Jordan

Wallace Jordan is a California boy through and through, but decided to trade the laid back west coast (best coast) vibe for the fast-paced life here in Philadelphia! He is originally from Apple Valley, CA and was called to serve a Spanish-speaking LDS mission in Carlsbad, California, a mere 2 hours away from his hometown. He finished one year at the Wharton School of Business before trading his econ textbooks for Books of Mormon, and Philly cheese-steaks for tacos and horchata! In addition to being an adventure seeking, city-loving (especially Philly!) guy, he is also the biggest Angel's baseball fan, and greatest sous chef you'll ever meet! LDSSA is super proud of Elder Jordan for taking the time to serve the people of Carlsbad, and can't wait to welcome him back East during the Fall of 2018!

Logan Dalton

Logan Dalton is originally from Bar Harbor, Maine where he grew up surrounded by beautiful lakes, scenic forests, and fresh-grown blueberries! He left his scenic home for the Utah Valley where he studied English at Brigham Young University. Logan served a mission in Paris, France where he learned how to make crepes, speak French, and share his testimony of Christ with others! After finishing his undergrad at BYU, Logan was drawn back east to attend UPenn's very own law school! He is on track to graduate this coming May and will be working in Boston at a corporate law firm. Logan enjoys long walks on the beach, the occasional half marathon, and is a hot chocolate aficionado! LDSSA has been so lucky to have him as a part of our organization and we'll be sad to see him go!

Jonathan Kleinman

Jonathan Kleinman is a sophomore here at Penn and is a Paso Robles, California native. He originally started in the College of Arts and Sciences, but decided to become a "suit and tie" man and transferred into the Wharton School of Business. Jonathan took 2 years off from school to serve an LDS mission in Argentina. When he's not studying or planning his upcoming wedding (#newlyengaged), you can find Jonathan swing dancing his heart out (as a member of West Philly Swingers), listening to retro Hispanic music, or riding his long board through the streets of Philly! LDSSA wouldn't be the same without his rad, Cali vibe and great personality!