Executive Board

PAAGSA holds yearly elections in the spring for graduate and professional students. If you're interested in joining our board, please contact us at paagsa@gmail.com.

We're also looking for volunteers for each of our events, and any new ideas you may have!

Priya Palanichamy Kala
Master's in Electrical Engineering at the Engineering School
Xueting Du
VP of Finance
Master's in Organizational Dynamics at School of Arts and Sciences
Cherag Bhagwagar
VP of Social Activities
Master's in Mechanical Engineerng at the Engineering School
Jerry Choi
VP of Public Relations
Doctoral Candidate in Dental Medicine
Julia Carboni
VP of Community Outreach
Master's in Intercultural Communication at Graduate School of Education
Peter Van Do
PAACH Director & Faculty/Staff Advisor for PAAGSA
Persephone Tan
Master's in Public Administration at Fels
Gaurav Shukla
Master's in Medical Physics at School of Arts and Sciences