Who are we?!

The Penn Band was founded in 1897 and ever since has been one of the University’s most progressive traditions. The organization is a part of the Department of Athletics at the University of Pennsylvania; like most of the other 50+ performing arts groups on the Penn Campus, the Penn Band has no affiliation with any academic department and is sponsored by the Vice Provost’s Office for Undergraduate Life. The organization, typically ranging between 80 and 120 members every year, is among the largest and most active student-run organizations on-campus, performing upwards of 100 times during the academic year. The organization boasts a rich history of performance, including several performances with the renowned band leader John Phillip Sousa, the first collegiate band to march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, countless recordings, national broadcasts and concerts, and performing at the pleasure of numerous American presidents and state leaders.

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Hear the Penn Band's performance of Pompeii by Bastille!

The band performs at campus events, all football games, and most men’s and women’s basketball games. The group also tours along the East Coast: in recent years, the group has toured both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. For more information about what we do, please read more about who we are. Want to join us? Learn how to become a member. We are always excited about having new members amongst us! If you want to follow us and know what we're up to, take a look at our Twitter and Facebook pages! Want to get in touch? Contact us!