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Unlike most collegiate marching band programs, our members dedicate themselves to our organization not for academic credit or stipend or scholarships, but because of loyalty to our alma mater and for the love of music and good fun. 

Our program exposes high school instrumentalists to music and mirth on our historic college campus. We perform a diverse repertoire of challenging and gratifying band music.  A low student to instructor ratio is maintained to insure a high level of instruction and attention to each student.  Our program includes guest lectures on topics in student leadership, group-building, and conducting.   Most importantly, we provide a fun and rewarding experience that the students will always remember.  The staff of this camp is comprised of the students and staff of the University of Pennsylvania Band.

Our summer camp program is in its 11th year here in Philadelphia.  Yet another great program is taking shape – one not to be missed! From fantastic music in our new facilities to fun activities on campus and in the city to great performance opportunities, our program promises students a rewarding experience that will not be found anywhere else!

As one of the oldest and most active college band programs in the country, the Penn Band prides itself on its unique blend of tradition, good music, and good fun – a blend found nowhere else. We encourage you to also visit the group’s website at www.pennband.net to learn more about our 116 year-old organization.