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The Educational Linguistics Forum (ELF) is a group of graduate students in the Language and Literacy in Education division of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania interested in a variety of topics related to the interaction between language and education. Each month, ELF holds informal meetings, allowing students to discuss and receive feedback on current research and sponsors brownbag discussions concerning the nature and scope of educational linguistics.

This site is a resource not only for current students, but also for those interested in learning more about Educational Linguistics. Read current students' bios to learn about their research interests, work they have presented at professional conferences and publications. The events calendar describes past, present and future ELF meetings and brown bag lectures conducted by researchers from around the world as well as many call for paper deadlines for ELF related conferences. Learn about what former 'Elves' are doing now on the alumni page. Finally, the resources section offers a comprehensive list of journals and publications, other programs and institutions in Educational Linguistics and related professional organizations, list-servs and databases.

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