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The Penn Review publishes creative writing
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If you're a writer, a photographer, a poet, or a painter, or a creator of any sort, we would love
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If you like talking about art, engaging in serious
(or sometimes ridiculous) debate, asserting your opinion and learning from others, join the staff!


I bet you like the wind.
How it touches your naked ankles
in the dark streets.

I bet you think the city looks
like a granite forest when it rains. You
could sleep through death and wake
knowing what to say.

You ignite when you remember him
but burn it up fast
till you don’t care.


To the Woman with the Serene Face by Valeria Tsygankova, p. 50


Written submissions by Rivka Fogel, Sam Donsky, Derek Hwang, Rebekah Caton, among many others


Artwork submissions by Sarahjean Kerolle, Alex Remnick, Allison Zuckerman, among several others


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