Unusual Rules for Determining Who Goes First

compiled by Frank Cunliffe

á la carte ©1989 Moskito Spiele, Karl-Heinz Schmiel – “The player who is the best cook starts.”

Alles für die Katz ©2001 Amigo, David Parlett – “The first move is made by the person who last visited a real zoo.”

Chrononauts ©2000 Looney Labs, Andrew Looney – “OK, everybody, close your eyes, quick! Your eyes are closed so that you don’t accidentally look at a clock or a watch. Now think: What time is it? Take a guess. When everyone has guessed, find out what time it really is. Whoever came closest to being correct goes first. (If you just looked at the time, you are honor bound to disqualify yourself.)”

Dino Dice ©1993 Koplow Dice – “The oldest player goes first (these are Dinosaurs!).”

Dwarven Dig ©2003 Kenzer and Company, Japji Khalsa and Anthony Gallela – “Roll the die to see who will be the starting player. As an alternate method, the player with the longest beard will be the starting player.”

flowerpower ©2001 Kosmos, Angelika Fassauer and Peter Haluszka – “The player with the most colorful clothing begins.”

Galloping Pigs ©2000 Abacus Spiele, Heinz Meister – “Choose a starting player; we suggest the “piggiest” player.”

Mamma Mia! ©1998 Abacus, Uwe Rosenberg – “Play begins with the hungriest player.”

New England ©2003 Goldsieber, Alan Moon and Aaron Weissblum – “The player with the longest line of ancestors receives the starting player marker and begins the game.”

The Reef ©2000 Kosmos, Christine Lehmann and Wolfgang Lehmann – “The player who can hold his breath under water the longest is the starting player. If the players cannot decide who can hold their breath the longest, the oldest player starts.”

Space Beans ©1999 Amigo Spiel, Uwe Rosenberg – “Choose the most alien player to go first.”

Ticket to Ride ©2004 Days of Wonder, Alan Moon – “The player who is the most experienced traveler goes first.”