Mission Statement -

The Penn Philippine Association (PPA) serves to promote the awareness and appreciation of the Philippine culture here at Penn through cultural dance performances, potlucks, karaoke, discussion forums and most importantly, spending quality time with each other.

Every spring, we also hold our major Filipino cultural show and festival, Barrio Fiesta.
We are an active support network open to all Penn students and faculty interested in the country's culture and heritage.

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Filipino? Not filipino? Love filipino food, or filipino people? Penn Philippine Association (PPA) welcomes you! Check back here often to see what's going on, or better yet, check back and get involved! We'd love to have you!

PPA hosts monthly general body meetings (GBMs) every month to catch up on the latest events, discuss upcoming projects, and just to hang out, bond, and have a good time. All filipinos (or non-filipinos) are welcome. Bring your friends, or come just for the food. Either way, we're promise you'll find lots of food, family, and fun.

Penn Philippine Association
Penn Philippine Association