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PUBS Finance Committee

The team is led by Rohith Venkataraman, a sophomore in the Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management; he will earn a degree in finance from Wharton as well as a degree in computational biology from the College of Arts and Science. Rohith has a passion for understanding the business behind biotechnology. His relevant experiences include regulatory work at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, consulting work with Wharton Small Business Development Center, and extensive lab research in the biological sciences.


The finance committee keeps the rest of the PUBS team up to date with the technology landscape through talks and speaker events. All finance events are open to all, and gives everyone access to concise, actionable knowledge about the market.


The PUBS team organizes a number of speaker events and newsletters. These give exact figures and data, distributed over our mailing list and events, so that people can make informed market decisions and career choices.


With access to many of the finest minds in the field, the finance committee is able to forward various job and internship opportunities to the members of the club.