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PUBS Research Committee

The team is led by Joe Maggiore, who is a sophomore in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He is planning on concentrating in Tissue Engineering. Joe is currently working on a quantification method for cleared neuroregenerative tissue at the Kacy Cullen Lab. Joe additionally has further biotechnology research experience from his years at Biotechnology High School in Monmouth County, NJ.


The research committee keeps the rest of the PUBS team, and those interested in biotech, up to date with the technology landscape through talks and speaker events. All research events are open to all, and gives everyone access to concise, actionable knowledge about the science in the space.


The PUBS team organizes a number of speaker events. Past events includes Dr. Bruce Levine and Dr. Michael Milone, who spoke about their pioneering work with CAR-T Immunotherapy.


With access to many of the finest minds in the field, the research committee is able to forward various job and research opportunities to the members of the club.