The Club
Club Singapore is the representative body of the Singaporean student community at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Singaporean community at Penn is comprised of a diverse mix of undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral students and exchange students from Singapore. Membership currently stands at about 80.

Club Singapore serves two purposes at Penn - to provide a "home away from home" for Singaporeans, and to educate the university's general population about the "little red dot" that is Singapore. The executive committee consists of 6 undergraduate Singaporeans.

Singaporeans are generally recognized as the most motivated, hardworking and law-abiding students in Penn. We have a multitude of academic award-winners at the annual graduation ceremony, as well as a low incidence of delinquency.

Besides excelling in academics, Singaporeans are some of the most active participants in campus activities - from the performing arts (e.g. a cappella, stand-up comedy) to charity work (Habitat for Humanity, volunteering in West Philadelphia), and even entrepreneurship (start-ups, business plan competitions).

What we do
Club Singapore plays host to a plethora of events every semester, beginning with the back-to-school activities every Fall, celebrations of various festivals (Mid-Autumn festival, Chinese New Year), Singaporean film screenings, Halloween parties, speaker events, and many other activities designed to celebrate the Singaporean food and culture.

We also work closely with other student organizations on campus. In 2004, with the assistance of the Vice Provost of University Life, we raised $1,600 (USD) for tsunami relief through food sales. Annual collaborations with other clubs and societies on campus include participating in the UMC food festival and SPEC's fall festival.

Club Singapore has also organized large-scale events for overseas Singaporeans. In March 2009, more than 150 Singaporeans all over the US converged in Philadelphia for DiaS'pura 2, a "Singapore Day" of sorts, featuring prominent overseas Singaporeans in a speaker series, and an original musical written by Joshua and Caleb Yap. Invited speakers included Singaporean celebrity blogger Mr. Brown, filmmakers Boo Junfeng, Li-Anne Huang, Mirabelle Ang and Eva Tang. DiaS'pura 2 was the successful follow-up to the original DiaS'pura, held in March 2007, which followed the same format.

The Future
Club Singapore is always looking to further its horizons and to organize events that will appeal to the Singaporean community as well as the general population at Penn. Please check back regularly for updates.