PennTango Beginner Lessons

Bootcamp Sep 11th & Sep 18th

Location Updated : Penn Museum, Lower Egypt

Lessons continue every Monday(Irvine Auditorium), starting Sep 25th.

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PennTango's Complete Beginner Bootcamp
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Event Sponsor: GAPSA
Event Date & Time: Sep 11th and Feb 18th. 7.00-10.00pm

Event Location:  Penn Museum, Lower Egypt
Event Price: $35 covers both days, registration required

Learn the art of Argentine tango! PennTango is excited to host a two day beginner's bootcamp on September 11th & 18th, 7.00-10.00 pm. At the beginner's bootcamp you will be taught steps and concepts of Argentine tango dancing, which are the foundation for PennTango's regular tango classes. Regular beginner classes are held Mondays and are included with ticket price. Participants will rotate throughout class, so no partner is needed.