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The United Minorities Council (UMC) facilitates interculturalism and promotes social justice at the University of Pennsylvania. We are an undergraduate student coalition of Carribbean/African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino, and Native American student organizations.


“Culture is not merely a static received tradition but a living process of invention and reinvention”.
- Wayne C Glasker (BA, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)

The UMC is a historically rich student organization, whose vision of lasting cultural pluralism was formed through the unified efforts of African-American, Puerto Rican, Mexican American, other Latino, Japanese American, Chinese American and Korean American student organizations.

Meet the Board

Temilola Ransome-Kuti


Temilola Ransome-Kuticlose

Temi is a Nigerian-American and a junior in Wharton studying Management with a minor in African Studies. She is passionate about fostering intercultural dialogue, advocating for the minority community, breaking down oppressive systems at Penn, and building allyship. This year, she hopes to make UMC more active, supportive, and vocal on campus. Please don't hesitate to reach out to her if you have any ideas or concerns at!

Krisna Maddy

Vice Chair

Krisna Maddyclose

Krisna Maddy, also known by her friends as K-Sizzle, is a sophomore hailing from Miami, Fl. When she's not hiding away from the cold winters she greatly enjoys going on Center City excursions, and finding the best pancakes in Philly. She also spends much of her time doing laboratory research as she pursues her major in biochemistry.

Will Wang

Political Chair

Will Wangclose

Will Wang is a junior in the College and Wharton studying Biology and Healthcare Management. He identifies as Taiwanese-Korean-American and is on a quest to find someone who shares this background as he has yet to meet one. His interests include PTS, coffee shops, PTS, identity politics, and PTS. He is passionate about working with the rest of the Penn community to foster a culture of empathy and solidarity, and is excited for a great year!

Alex Yang

Financial Chair

Alex Yangclose

Alex is a freshman in the College who's planning to major in International Relations. Hailing from eternally sunny Singapore, he will never get tired of winter and looks forward to snowstorms. Outside of the UMC, he's also involved with the Assembly of International Students (AIS), competes for Penn's Model UN team and writes for the International Relations journal. You can usually find him napping somewhere or planning the next road trip, so don't be shy to hit him up for coffee!

Joy Pickens

Communications Chair

Joy Pickensclose

Joy Pickens is a junior from a small suburb outside of Chicago. She loves kittens, babies, and Drake. At Penn, she is studying Political Science, Urban Education, and Africana Studies. This is Joy’s first year on UMC board, and she’s super hype to be a part of the team! She hopes to be able to facilitate intercommunication between the various cultural groups on campus—all with the aim of creating greater unity in Penn’s minority communities. Beyond interculturalism, Joy is also passionate about civic engagement, social equity, and education reform. She’s excited to see how she can combine her passions this year on board!

Maya Arthur

Programming Co-Chair

Maya Arthurclose

Maya Arthur C'18 is a sophomore in the College and probably will declare Sociology!! Over the summer, she found out she probably isn’t allergic to cats. She is grateful even though the past 15 years have been a lie. When Maya is not being co-programming chair of UMC, you can find her at the Kelly Writer’s House distracting her boss or in the library crying and watching vlogs (simultaneously). She also now sells glasses for Warby Parker and uses her money from that solely on Amazon Prime. She really hopes to incorporate social work in the arts community and provide accessibility to the arts, but right now she likes cats. 

Ibukun Olubowale

Programming Co-Chair

Ibukun Olubowaleclose

Ibukun Olubowale is a sophomore from Providence, Rhode Island majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior. Her family is from Nigeria (she was born there) but she has also lived in Ivory Coast and Rwanda. On UMC’s board, she serves as the co-programming chair. Other than UMC, Ibukun is involved in West African Vibe, a contemporary West African dance group. Her favorite activities are eating and napping. She joined UMC because she’s really interested in promoting interculturalism and advocating for Penn’s minority groups.

Imani Solan

Marketing & Publicity Chair

Imani Solanclose

Imani Solan is a freshman in Wharton currently planning to concentrate in finance and marketing. She is from Montebello, New York. Fun fact she is short sprinter for the track and field team. This is her first year on board and she is super excited to spread UMC's mission and goals throughout campus.

Estefanía Colón

Outreach & Admissions Chair

Estefanía Colónclose

Estefanía Colón is a sophomore in the college studying on the premed track and planning to major in sociology and minor in anthropology. She was born and raised in Queens, New York and intends to move back to the Big Apple after graduating from Penn. Steffi, as she prefers to be called, is of Puerto Rican descent and identifies as an Afro-Latina. She hopes that through her involvement on the board of UMC, she can push the administration to increase the amount of university outreach to students of color from poor urban high schools. Additionally, she plans to secure access to and raise awareness of extra academic, financial, and mental health resources for students of color to ensure their success at Penn and beyond.




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