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The United Minorities Council (UMC) facilitates interculturalism and promotes social justice at the University of Pennsylvania. We are an undergraduate student coalition of Carribbean/African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino, and Native American student organizations.


“Culture is not merely a static received tradition but a living process of invention and reinvention”.
- Wayne C Glasker (BA, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)

The UMC is a historically rich student organization, whose vision of lasting cultural pluralism was formed through the unified efforts of African-American, Puerto Rican, Mexican American, other Latino, Japanese American, Chinese American and Korean American student organizations.

Meet the Board

Tanya Jain


Tanya Jainclose

Tanya Jain is a senior in Wharton studying Finance and Operations and Information Management. She's from Dix Hills, New York but fun fact, she lived in China for three years and hopes to live abroad in the future. This is her third and final year on the board of the United Minorities Council, and she is super excited to be working with a fresh, new board for this year!

Michael Karam

Vice Chair

Michael Karamclose

Michael is a junior in the College studying International Relations and Economics. He was born in Massachusetts, went to preschool in Egypt, and moved to Lebanon when he was five. Besides reading French classics, Arabic poetry, and English mystery novels, he also likes to draw, paint, and swing dance. His involvement in UMC started with Penn Arab Student Society, as well as a love for diversity and interculturalism! Feel free to reach out to him with any questions about UMC or life, or just to chat and chill!

Rashad Nimr

Political Chair

Rashad Nimrclose

Rashad Nimr is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.  He is involved with the Civic Scholars Program, Students for Justice in Palestine, as well as with the United Minorities Council.  He’s all about tearing down systems of oppression and navigating intersectional identities.  Some have been known to call him a “pretty cool guy.”

Dawit Gebresellassie

Financial Chair

Dawit Gebresellassieclose

Dawit is a sophomore in Wharton studying Finance and Social Impact & Responsibility. He was born in Aurora, Colorado but describes himself as Ethiopian at heart. He currently serves as the Financial Chair and is also involved in the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association. Dawit plans on co-founding a nonprofit this year that aims to empower West Philadelphia youth through professional development and philanthropy. Feel free to reach out to him with any questions about UMC, your Penn experience, or anything else!

Gomian Konneh

Communications Chair

Gomian Konnehclose

Gomian Konneh is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Communications and minoring in Consumer Psychology. She was born in Philadelphia although her parents are Liberian. Other than serving as the Communications Chair for the UMC, Gomian devotes her time to UPenn’s 4A, Civic Scholars Program, Penn Appetit, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. She hopes to use various media to help shed light on issues involving multicultural representation

Maya Arthur

Programming Co-Chair

Maya Arthurclose

Maya Arthur C'18 is a sophomore in the College and probably will declare Sociology!! Over the summer, she found out she probably isn’t allergic to cats. She is grateful even though the past 15 years have been a lie. When Maya is not being co-programming chair of UMC, you can find her at the Kelly Writer’s House distracting her boss or in the library crying and watching vlogs (simultaneously). She also now sells glasses for Warby Parker and uses her money from that solely on Amazon Prime. She really hopes to incorporate social work in the arts community and provide accessibility to the arts, but right now she likes cats. 

Krisna Maddy

Programming Co-Chair

Krisna Maddyclose

Krisna Maddy, also known by her friends as K-Sizzle, is a sophomore hailing from Miami, Fl. When she's not hiding away from the cold winters she greatly enjoys going on Center City excursions, and finding the best pancakes in Philly. She also spends much of her time doing laboratory research as she pursues her major in biochemistry.  She hopes as co-programming chair for UMC to continue transforming traditional events to newly envisioned collaborations and cultural celebrations.

Kat Jimenez

Marketing & Publicity Chair

Kat Jimenezclose

Katerine, who prefers to be called Kat, is a junior in the college planning to major in Philosophy, Politics and Economics with a concentration in globalization and possibly a minor in Consumer Psychology. She just got back from studying abroad in Salvador, Brazil. Originally from the Dominican Republic, where there is no snow and it is always warm, Kat has lived in New York City for the last ten years and is loving Philadelphia so far. In her free time, she enjoys running by the Schuylkill, doing yoga, eating pizza and hanging out with friends.

Louisa Baidoo

Outreach & Admissions Chair

Louisa Baidooclose

Hi my name is Louisa Baidoo and I am a junior in the College studying sociology! I am very happy to be UMC's Outreach and Admissions Chair. As such, I'd like to work this semester to create a multicultural community where individuals can come to learn from each other and build personal connections with one another. If you'd like to reach out to me, feel free to reach out at! Fun fact about me: I'm so strong that one time when I was 7, I broke a door off its hinges.



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