Penn Women's Club Lacrosse

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About Penn Women's Club Lacrosse:

Women's club lax is a fun, competetive team that plays games in both the spring and the fall with practices 2-3 nights a week. We welcome girls of all lacrosse abilities. Come out and join us for our next season.

Upcoming Season:


In the fall, we're hoping to play between 6-8 games against other schools such as Lehigh, Drexel, St. Joes, Temple, etc. The fall games are not played for a league and are mostly local. We're hoping to do at least one over-night trip. Last year for our over-night, we played Yale and Brown at Yale. These games are fun and intended to bring the team together and prepare us for the spring.


In the spring, we're planning on joining the Easter Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League that involves about 20 club teams on the northern east coast. We will compete in 8 games against these teams in hopes to qualify for the playoffs. We can then earn a spot for the National Tournament in Arizona in late May! There are other tournaments that we can also attend throughout the preseason.