The African American Arts Alliance of the University of Pennsylvania


The African American Arts Alliance (4A) serves as one of the premier performing arts organizations on Penn's campus. Our mission is to promote an awareness of Black culture through the arts, specifically focusing on theatre. This organization is committed to quality performance, quality art, and quality theatre for general student, faculty, staff, and community audiences.

In the past, the Alliance has produced several productions ranging from Richard Wesley's Sirens to Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun. Every year, the group sponsors the 4A Café, offering individuals with the opportunity to express themselves through poetry, spoken word, acting, singing etc.

Walk around Penn's campus and perhaps you'll see one of our members brightly suited in a red hoodie with yellowish-gold scripting. You read “4A Love” and wonder why. 

It’s because 4A, the African American Arts Alliance, is built on that word. As a community, we love what we do and we love our members (including prospective ones!)

Our members are from truly diverse backgrounds (in every sense of the word), from having extensive theatre experience, to absolutely none. Some prefer to be backstage as tech, while others – actors – are front and center. Being a part of 4A means that you have the opportunity to explore, from your very first audition, any aspect of theatre you’d like. So don’t be shy. Get Involved!

We cast each show and put our tech team together roughly 2-3 months before each show. Be sure to check back for updates on latest events, scheduling for our rehearsals, and show times and dates. Follow us on Facebook and feel free to leave a post or message our board (4a.upenn@gmail.com) for more information.