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Ms. Qin Qian offers erhu lessons.


(广西交响乐团协奏 地点:南宁)轰动一时,好评如潮!2005年出版的首张《琴缘---二胡、独弦琴CD唱

2005年移民美国后为传播中国传统音乐做了许多新的尝试。 2006年开始在费城西郊的明德中文学校教授二胡

2008年1月参与了美国音乐剧《The Mirror Effect》演出,与爵士乐队一起演奏,同时担任二胡及独弦琴的独奏

2008年7月与美国赛日(SIRIS)乐队合作,歌手迈克尔.马雷(Michael Maley)用中文演唱的《上天祝福四川》
2008年7月在Youku.com 上发布后半年多的时间点击率达到了600多万次,排名第一。二胡的独奏使这首歌充满

2009年8月覃茜远渡澳大利亚与吉他演奏家Vincenzo Andreacchio 合作录制了8首乐曲,其中五首是意大利的传



Qin Qian started learning Erhu and violin from her father at the age of eight. When she was four-
teen, she joined The Performing Art Troupe of the Guigang City of Guangxi as a erhu and violin
player. She entered Guangxi Art College at the age of sixteen, majoring in erhu performance.
After she graduated, she worked as erhu performer and teacher. In 1986, she started working
as the music program editor, reporter, and program host for the Nanning radio station. In this
role, she interviewed many famous musician in China. She also likes writing, she published two
collections of her prose style writing: “Dream soaring with music” – 2003, and “My American
connection through Erhu” – 2005.

In 2003, she had a very successful personal erhu and monochord concert in Nanning, Guanxi that
was accompanied by Guangxi Symphony orchestra, and received wide acclaim. In 2005, she
published her first CD of erhu and monochord performance, and received wide attention of music
lovers in China.

In 2005, she emigrated to USA, and started her effort in promoting traditional Chinese music. In
2006, she started teaching erhu in Main Line Chinese School. Her private students comes from
many different background, ethnic group, and ages. Teaching these students gives her tremen-
dous satisfaction and reward. She often perform together with her students in many different
occasions. Her performance tour took her to many places, including Philadelphia city and suburb,
and as far as Australia and England.

In January, 2008, she participated in the performance of the musical “The Mirror Effect”, she
performed erhu and monochord solo pieces and also together with a jazz band. Her performance
won enthusiastic applaud from the audience.

In July, 2008, she cooperated with the musical group Siris, where the American singer Michael
Maley sang “God bless Sichuan” in Chinese. The video on Youku.com received more than 6
million views in six months, and was ranked number one in that year. The erhu music gives this
song unique Chinese flavor and the mood of sadness.

In August 2009, Qin Qian went to Australia and recorded eight songs with the guitarist Vincenzo Andreacchio, five of them traditional are Italian music. This combination gives the erhu a new
style of presentation.

There is no border in music, erhu is now a bridge for cultural interchange. Ms. Qin Qian wishes
more people would enjoy erhu, and learn to play erhu. She would like to see this traditional art
to establish and spread in USA.


Teaching Experience        

Ms. Qin Qian has many years of experience as a teacher. She has taught students from ages 5
to 65, and her students come from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities.

She currently teaches at the Ming De Chinese Language School and has as many American as
Chinese students. She teaches using a very comprehensible and affordable ($15) book that
includes many styles of music from beginner to advanced pieces.  It would take a lifetime to
master all those pieces!

Lesson Information

  • Erhu
    Option 1: Private- $60/hr
    Option 2: Double- $30/hr for 2 people

    * Times: Negotiable (M-F)
    * Location: On Campus or Private Home

    - Buy Instrument: $200 to over $1000
    - Rent Instrument: $50/month plus $200 deposit

CMS provides the initial contact between teacher and student and helps students to find space for lessons.  All monetary issues relating to rent, purchase of instruments and lesson payments are solely between the teacher and the student.

For more information about signing up for lessons, please [contact us].

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