Destination Hip Hop is the University of Pennsylvania's only hip-hop dance group. Founded by Nkechinyere A. Nwaobasi (SAS '02) in September 1999, Destination Hip Hop is a contemporary dance group dedicated to the expression of hip-hop culture through dance. As PENN's first and only dance troupe, we focus on increasing awareness of the history and evolution of hip-hop, while remaining true to the individualized experiences that the culture continues to represent. Concentrating on underground, mainstream, and extensions of hip-hop such as reggae and soca, DH2 is committed to expressing our love for hip hop through dance, a historically prominent aspect of the hip-hop culture.

Kristin Nwobu is a Senior in the college and is majoring in psychology. She is from Maplewood, New JERSEY! This is her third year in DH2 and is the general manager as well as a choreographer. After Penn, Kristin plans to go to law school and continue on to be a corporate attorney. When Kristin isn't dancing, studying, attending meetings or sending out emails, she enjoys chillin with friends, shopping, eating Taco Bell, tanning, going out, watching Chris Brown videos, and basking in the pure joy of being a member of the LSC.

*General Manager*

Chakiera Harris: Class of 2008, College of Arts and Science. Anthropology Major. Syracuse, NY.

This is Chakiera's third year as a member of DH2. She is also a member of the Caribbean American Students Association. In her rare free time, Chakiera likes to chill with good friends and family, talk on the phone, and sleep.


My name is Katerina Rojas, and I am 18 years old from Baltimore, Maryland. I'm a Sophomore in the College, hoping to major in Health and Societies. Right now, I'm taking a variety of classes which span from Africana studies to Astronomy. I love to dance, sleep (pretty much like every college student), read, occasionally write poetry, and I love learning about new cultures and expanding my general knowledge. That's me in a nutshell...holla! :o)

*Financial Manager*

Jessica Ehrhardt: Class of 2007, Arts and Sciences. Pre-Med. Psychology Major. Los Angeles, California.

It might be hard to pick out Jessica. She’s the one with the auburn hair. This is her third year in DH2 and her second year as a board member. As the Financial Manager, she’s in charge of the cash money millionaire. When she’s not dancing, she enjoys dinner parties, singing, and running marathons. She also does weighted squats in order to sustain the rotundity that is so well exhibited in DH2.


Georgianna Pinto is a Senior majoring in Systems Engineering and is obviously from NY (where the cool people live…). She has been a member of DH2 since Freshman year and is currently planning big things. Georgianna enjoys procrastinating, flapping (talking for no reason), reality television, Wutanging on the weekends, and all around foolishness.

*Fashion Manager*

My name is Nikita Hamilton and I am a part of the class of 2009. I am from sunny Miami, Florida and am in the College of Arts and Sciences here at Penn. My majors are psychology and pre-med, and hopefully I will be minoring in Spanish. I love to hang out with my friends, play the clarinet, and occasionally curl up in a comfy chair and read a good book for a couple of hours.

*Fashion Manager*

Shanellah Verna: I am a Sophomore here at Penn who enjoys romantic strolls through the park, long walks on the beach... oops, guess this is not that kind of bio. Anyway, I haven't fully decided on a major yet, but PPE seems appealing. In my spare time if I am not asleep, I am either on the phone, out with friends, or trying to do something social. I love to dance (clearly), laugh with friends, and simply enjoy being down to earth.


What's up?! My name is Anne Desrosiers and I am from Flastbush Brooklyn (put ya lighters up!) by way of Haiti. I am a senior in the College with a double major in Communications and English. This is my fourth and sadly last year with DH2, but I love being around these ladies regardless of the setting. I am looking forward to tearin' up some parties with my fellow DH2 heads, choreographing this year and holdin it down like we've never done before. In addition to my L-O-V-E of dance, I also like hanging out with my peoples, partying as hard as I work, reading, writing and reppin Z-Phi B.

Hi, I'm Amaka Izuchi, a Senior in the School of Nursing. I am from Nigeria (Igboland) by way of Boston , MA. I love to dance especially with the talented ladies of Destination Hip-Hop. I have been a chorographer in DH2 for 2 years. I am also a member of the Inspiration A'Capella group and recently the New Spirit of Penn Gospel choir. I plan on working as nurse and then going to med school to become a surgeon.

Alethea White was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and is currently refusing to claim Allentown, Pennsylvania as her new home. A Senior (07!) in the college majoring in sociology and legal studies, this is her third year in DH2. Though she makes it quite clear that she should have matriculated at an HBCU, DH2 practices at 1:30 in the morning make it all worthwhile.

Leia Harbour is that bright bundle of asinine joy from Los Angeles . She is a Bioengineering Pre-med, Pre-Law, Pre-life professional. This is her third year in DH2 and she is proud to be a choreographer. Her skillz include: all dance art forms, living vigorously in life (preferably adolescence), making inappropriate sexual jokes about ya moms, and complicated hair follicle stem cell research. She stays Dipped and Oh So CLEAN, ‘cause she “do it with no hands…” YAdidimean?!?

I'm Shayna Alleyne, from Brooklyn, NY, but I currently reside in Queens, NY. I am a Sophomore in the College; this is my second year with Destination Hip Hop. I love to dance, especially with the lovely ladies of DH2. I look forward to holding a more interactive position on the "only, real, hip hop group on Penn's campus" in the years to come.

Freda Koomson hails from Brooklyn, New York and is currently a Junior in the Class of 2008. Freda is a Health & Societies major in the College and enjoys dancing, reading, socializing with friends, and keeping her head in the books. This is Freda's second year in DH2 and she manages to balance this commitment with membership in African Rhythms dance troupe as well as serving as social chair of the Penn African Students Association.

Kelsey Lythcott was born and raised in the beautiful Bay Area of Northern California. She is a Sophomore who loves dance, chillin', jokes, music, fine cuisine, a good movie every now and then, the company of friends, and Tha Bay. Her major is currently not declared, though she is pursuing going to medical school and becoming fluent in the romance language, Spanish. She hopes you enjoy the show and feel free to go d-d-Dumb. Have a great spring semester. Put it in tha air…Yadidimean!!!


Tutu Shotonwa: Junior ('08 the great), Psychology Major in the College of Arts and Sciences.

I looove double dutch, horror movies, black interest novels, taking naps, partying, dancing, socializing; all in all just being fabulous.


My name is Feyisola Ogunfemi , but many people call me Fey for short (although I much prefer to be called by my full name). I'm a Sophomore in the School of Engineering here and I'm 19 years old. I'm from New Jersey , and of course, a very proud Nigerian. I have never had professional training in dance, but I was a member of my high school's Dance Team, and on the praise dance team at my church for a few years. In my spare time I like listening to slow jams, dancing, shopping, drawing occasionally lifting weights and just running around being goofy.

Manisha Hollinger I'm a 18 yr. old Philly native in the School of Engineering . My major is Computer Science, for now anyway. I like dance, obviously, and sing; I'm also apart of Penn's Gospel Choir. I just like to have fun, be silly and enjoy my life to the fullest.

Roshelle L. Lennon: '08, Philly Philly,
Premed, theatre minor, and psych major in The College

I love to dance, and choreography is natural to me. I live for performances and standing ovations. I have been involved in every aspect of the performing arts from theatre to singing to stepping to praise dance to professional dance companies. I love performing, but mostly enjoy stepping and dancing. Aside from performing, I just like spending time with family and close friends and traveling. I like helping people too, and I often volunteer with the Philadelphia Homeless Children's Initiative. That's why I want to be a pediatrician!

What's good? My name is Yaw Turkson, and I'm from Washington, D.C. I'm a sophomore in Wharton looking at concentrating in Marketing and Finance. I've been dancing since high school, and I'm looking forward to some good times with the rest of the DH2 crew. If I'm not in my room, I'm either playin piano or ballin it up in Pottruck.

My name is Jessamyn Celoza, but most people call me Jessa and I'm from MA. I'm a freshman (PENN10) in the School of Nursing and possibly doing something with Wharton, not sure yet. I love to dance, sing, drink coffee, listen to music, hang out with friends, and to live life.

Christopher Sewell is currently a second year graduate student in the Graduate School of Education. He attended undergrad at Williams College where he was an American Studies and History double major with a minor in African American Studies. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Christopher loves to dance, chill with his friends and watch TV. He also teaches 8th grade in North Philly, which keeps him up to date with what is hot and what is not. Next year, Christopher hopes to be starting a Ph.D. program in American Studies.

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