University of Pennsylvania Global Medical Brigades


Made by Claire

Our Mission with global medical brigades is to provide healthcare to the most impoverished and isolated people of Honduras. Our doctors are able to provide preventative care to promote good health and well-being in addition to curative care to relieve immediate symptoms and ailments. Our continued yearly brigades in conjunction with that of other universities contributes to the sustainability and continuity of care to these communities until self-sufficiency can be achieved.
Also, global medical brigades offers university students the opportunity of traveling to a third-world country and viewing medical problems endemic to the areas which are otherwise more uncommon in the United States. Students also have the opportunity to work side-by-side with various medical professionals and explore the world of medicine on a far more intimate level.

Global Medical Brigades is just a small part of a much larger project to enrich the lives of people living in developing countries by
working side by side with Public Health Brigades, Water Brigades, Dental Brigades, and Business Brigades.

Global Medical Brigades is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that works with university students and volunteer organizations to
supply health care to impoverished communities of Honduras. Global Brigades, of which Global Medical Brigades is a subset of, is the world's largest student-led international relief organization. GMB sends nearly 1000 volunteers annually to 40 different communities throughout the country. In 2007, GMB volunteers provided care to nearly 40,000 patients in low-income villages with limited to no access to medicine otherwise.

For more information regarding the national organization, please visit: http://www.globalbrigades.com