We hold an annual Spring Matsuri held in Wynn Commons open to all students on campus. Activities include carnival games, Kimono photoshoots, eating contests, and much more!

Sushi Night

Sushi Night has been a part of JSA tradition longer than any of us can remember. Held every fall, students come for an all-you-can-eat experience, selecting from a wide variety of handmade sushi, from spicy tuna to eel cucumber. Yum!

Mochi Fest

Mochi Fest is a collaborative event we hold in the winter that other cultural and student groups participate in. Groups make mochi with their tangy cultural twists that other students can try. Over the years, we've seen some extremely creative mochi, including Nutella mochi, butter mochi, and even Gummy Bear mochi!

...And Much More!

From JSA's own Iron Chef to Curry Night, we're always doing new events to promote Japanese culture! We're also open to suggestions you might have!