M@P Team

Loly Rehder - Eager Rookie and Proud Founder

"I believe anyone can benefit from living mindfully. For years I have been attracted to the idea of meditating and incorporating mindfulness practice to my daily life, however, I never took action until now! I am extremely excited to be part of the M@P Team. I am positive that with time and practice, all M@Ps members (myself included) will experience a healthier lifestyle by awakening to the present moment, having a freeing inner sense of peace and a deeper appreciation of the beauty and richness of life. I once read that meditation is not difficult, it is in fact natural. This practice has actually been traced about 5,000 years ago and it is not hard to understand why; the benefits of meditating are endless and unique to each individual. Hopefully we will serve as an example to other students and this mindfulness movement at Penn will continue to grow."

Jacqueline O'Duor - Founding Member

"I have practiced group meditation in the past but this is my first time practicing guided mindfulness meditation. I struggled previously because I was afraid I couldn't sit still or clear my mind for more than a few minutes. The great thing about mindfulness meditation is it only asks that we try to be in the present moment. There is no pressure to meditate perfectly. If my mind drifts to other thoughts, it's okay. All I need to do is bring my mind back into the moment. I would like to apply the principles of mindfulness in my daily life. It would be reassuring to know that if I drift off course from whatever I'm doing, I can always get back on track whenever I'm ready. Sharing this practice with M@P members provides an incredible opportunity to grow with others excited about benefiting from mindfulness."


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