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The year 1975 saw the birth of what started as a visionary idea of an organization, a sisterhood that would cater to the needs of Latinas and the universal woman. Thanks to the tremendous strides made by our seventeen founding mothers, this dream was realized, and took form as the entity; Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated, the first Latina sorority in the NATION.

Lambda Theta Alpha was recognized at Kean University as the First Latina Sorority founded in the United States. This organization was the first to recognize the need for a support system, thus creating one. The desire to progress, dedication to their community, and the aspiration for the advancement of the Latina women marked the beginning of Lambda Theta Alpha. It allowed the independent Latina woman of a new era to have a sense of belonging and with that, achieve her highest potential. It would define a new role for the Latina woman, one with education, goals and vision in hopes of great success.




The Bold and Exquisite Beta Epsilon Chapter was founded at the Universtiy of Pennsylvania on July 31, 1998 by four dedicated women- Adela Jessica Llumpo, Zadith Erika Pino, Ricarda White and Kathy D. Pascuale. These women, dissatisfied with the support systems already in place for women at Penn, investigated other options to bring to campus determined to find an organization that would cater to ALL women's needs. Upon discovering the mission, goals, and family-oriented culture that Lambda Theta Alpha engendered, these ladies fought hard for over a year to bring LTA to Penn.

In the spring of 1998, The Beta Epsilon Chapter became the organization's FIRST Ivy League chapter. In 2001, the chapter extended its boundaries to Temple University where three ladies continued the legacy to North Philadelphia: Amethyst Bentham, Lisandra Sanchez and Jessica Womack.

Today, the Bold and Exquisite Beta Epsilon chapter continues to flourish on both Penn's and Temple's campus and continues to uphold the ideals our founding mothers held over thirty years ago through academic programming, philanthropic endeavors, and high academic achievement. Although Lambda Theta Alpha is latin by tradition, we pride ourselves in being a non-discriminatory academic organization with sisters from all backgrounds, races, creeds, religions, and sexual orientations.

Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Inc - Beta Epsilon Chapter