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alpha Kappa Delta Phi was founded at the University of California, Berkeley on Feb. 7, 1990. alpha Kappa Delta Phi brought together women who shared the sorority's goals of sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and Asian American awareness.

Since then, alpha Kappa Delta Phi has grown nationwide and is currently the largest Asian-American interest sorority in the nation. There are currently 43 chapters and over 2000 sisters around the nation spanning from the East to the West Coast.



At the University of Pennsylvania, we are proud to be the first East Coast chapter of aKDPhi, recognized on March 23, 1994. Since its establishment, the sisters have become increasingly active in the APA community, contributing widely to events both on and off campus. The present chapter at Penn represents a diverse group of women, unique in background, ethnicity, and personality, each of whom bring an array of experiences and individuality to the table.

alpha Kappa Delta Phi - Theta Chapter