Aman Agarwal, Chair

Aman is a Senior M&T and is a very random person. This biography will be equally random. He loves playing poker, smoking hookah, MUN, playing poker and playing poker. He worked on 'Brainchild' and became interested in lights, sound and technical direction. He was Technical Director last year. His interests also extend to direction and he is directing 'Dance Like a Man' in Fall 2007. Be warned: this chap has a tendency to sleep with actors, set designers, assistant directors and fellow board members. The next time you see him, ask him to do a belly roll.


Vidyut Saraf, Outreach Coordinator


Vidyut is a shady junior who chooses to live in a parallel dimension. When he isn't pretending to be Hades or Poseidon, he's diligently acting for Naatak. Vidyut has performed lead roles in Reflection (Spring 2007), Dance Like a Man (Fall 2008) and The Terrace (Spring 2008). Because we can't remember which character he is anymore, we've asked him to sit out this year and use his magnificent bare chest to reach out to the Penn community. We are yet to convince him to wear a dhotee and flash potential audience-members.


Shayaan Nadeem, Treasurer



If you hear a shrill high pitched voice saying "stoop iiit" you know it's Senior M&T Shayaan a.k.a. Shiney Nadeem. He loves everything that is not good for him, like McDonald's at midnight, smoking sheesha, being inappropriate in public, LOTS and LOTS of HOT SAUCE and dancing like a bird. When Shayaan joined Naatak in Fall 2006, he co-produced "Class of 84" then assistant directed "Getting Away with Murder" in Spring 2007. Now Shayaan is trying to hone his number-crunching skills (proving that Chemical Engineering is apt for him) with the post of Treasurer on Naatak Board. Shayaan does not speak Bengali.. .


Prashant Mukherjee, Secretary

This junior has style. Girls, beware. He is not only competition for you when it comes to who can wear the best Sarree, but he is also the most aggressive of predators out there. He showed how naughty he likes to get in the light box when he designed lights for Naatak in Spring 2007; in fact, things got so out of control, he cracked his skull. In Spring 2008, Porshanto showed off his muscles (and Photoshop skills) as producer for The Terrace.




Vidushi Bajoria, Creative Director


If you see a hypnotized junior wearing shoes on the wrong feet, it's a safe bet you've seen Vidushi Bajoria. Her claim to fame is her blood-curdling scream. Vidushi designed the set of Class of '84 (Fall 2006), after which she played lead roles in Reflection (Spring 2007) and Dance Like a Man (Fall 2007). Last spring, she proved her creative drive as assistant director of The Terrace (Spring 2008). This mastermind has been known to fall for bearded men who like to roll their bellies. As the photograph attests, right now she is concocting her debut play as director, which she will ensure will end with another blood-curdling scream.



Abhijay Sethia, Technical Director

Yo, Abhijay, yo.

This ex-Producer (Spring 2008), engineering sophomore does not get a long bio until September, since he is too busy smoking sheesha. Even though he's smiling like a nice boy in all his Facebook photographs, he is very capable of killing you in your sleep. Out-of-line crew members: sleep with one eye open.

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