Article 1 - Name and Affiliation



The name of this organization shall be the University of Pennsylvania Pakistan Society (P.P.S.).








Article 2 - Purpose



a) To increase awareness of and to educate the Penn community about Pakistani culture and heritage.
b) To create an environment in which students are encouraged to explore and experience Pakistani culture.
c) To increase awareness among, to educate, and to mobilize students in order to address pertinent issues that face the entire Pakistani community, the Pakistani collegiate community in
America and the Penn Pakistani community.
d) To encourage social interaction between Pakistani students.
e) To facilitate the adjustment process for incoming Pakistani students at Penn
f) To enhance student-faculty relations.









Article 3 - Membership




Section 1: All University of Pennsylvania students are eligible for membership.
Section 2: A P.P.S. member is expected to attend meetings and participate in P.P.S. related activities. A member is also expected to pay the dues levied by the executive board.
Section 3: Only full members have voting privileges and the option to run for office.









Article 4 - Officers




Section 1: P.P.S. shall be administered by an executive board. Voting members of the executive board shall be the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and the social chair. The non-voting member will be the freshman coordinator. The non-voting member will be invited to the board meetings whenever necessary. In case of a tie in a voting procedure, the President will decide the vote.

Section 2:

The president should:
a) Preside over meetings of the society and the executive board.
b) Act as general coordinator and supervise the board's formulation of the budget.
c) Dictate the direction of the P.P.S while ensuring its long term growth and well being.
d) Bear ultimate responsibility to the University administration for all actions taken and all statements officially made by the P.P.S.
e) Serve as the official link to the outside community including all other organizations, unless otherwise stipulated.

The vice-president should:
a) Assume the president's position in his/her absence.
b) Delegate responsibilities in coordination with the president as they see fit.
c) Serve as the official P.P.S representative at the Students Activities Council in the absence of the treasurer.
d) Assist and work closely with the President in all his/her duties.
e) Develop and facilitate communications and activities with other Pakistani collegiate and community organizations.

The secretary should:
a) Handle communications with P.P.S. members and the Penn community at large.
b) Maintain accurate lists of P.P.S. members and affiliated groups.
c) Maintain accounts of each general P.P.S. meetings and the executive board meetings and provide minutes to members.
d) Maintain logistical matters of the P.P.S (sign-up sheets, room reservations, etc)

The treasurer should:
a) Collect dues and maintain a list of paid members.
b) Serve as the official P.P.S. representative to the Student Activities Council and shall register the P.P.S at the Office of Student Life at the beginning of the academic year.
c) Manage all funds of the P.P.S. and control all its financial affairs. This includes managing the collection and disbursement of funds and the authorization of expenditures, subject to the approval of the board.
d) Maintain the financial records, running budget of the P.P.S. and provide financial reports at executive board meetings.
e) Bear responsibility to members of the P.P.S. regarding all financial matters.
f) Prepare the annual budget request for SAC and record all contingency fund request made on behalf of the P.P.S.

The Social Chair should:
a) Maintain charge of activities and events that foster a sense of community like cultural celebrations and social events and activities.
b) Coordinate with other campus groups in Penn and outside of Penn to create joint social activities for special relevant occasions.
c) Plan and organize events serving to encourage social interaction amongst students.
d) Supervise and ensure the publicity of all social events.

The Freshman Coordinator should:
a) Serve as a liaison between the executive board and the new incoming members.
b) Help the Social Chair in organizing and publicizing the Social events.
c) Serve to help the board ease the transition of freshman members into the Penn community and Penn life at large.

Section 3: Vacancies occurring among the officers shall be filled at the next regular general P.P.S. meeting after such a vacancy occurs. The vacancy will be filled by an election of the general body. However, should a vacancy occur in the office of president, the vice-president becomes president and elections for vice president will be held.

Section 4: Any officer may be impeached for failure to properly perform his duties in good faith. This action shall require a unanimous vote of all other executive board-voting members.









Article 5 - Nominations and Elections




Section 1: Elections for the members of the executive board shall be held at a regular general P.P.S. meeting in April. Notice of the elections shall be given at least one week in advance. Voting by proxy will not be permitted.
Section 2: Nominations may be given to the presiding officer by any full member. Nominations may be given no sooner than a week before elections and no later than the opening of the election meeting.
Section 3: A nominee must be considered a full member and accept their nomination.
Section 4: The elections shall be coordinated by the outgoing president. If the president is running for office, the executive board shall appoint an election coordinator.
Section 5: Elections shall be held in order in which the officer’s duties are listed. Each candidate may run for one position and may “drop down” to another if he/she does not win his/her first choice.

Section 6: All officer elections shall be by secret ballot. The ballots shall be counted by the outgoing President and any outgoing or ex-officers not seeking election. No other members will be allowed to view the ballots. After votes have been counted, the ballots shall be discarded.
Section 7: Officers shall be elected by a majority of full P.P.S. members present. In case no candidate receives a majority vote, there shall be a run-off election until a majority is received.
Section 8: Officers shall serve a one year term period beginning immediately after getting elected, and can only serve in that position for two consecutive terms.
Section 9: The board will hand out applications for the freshman coordinator position and the coordinator will be appointed by majority vote of the executive board.









Article 6 - Meetings




Section 1: P.P.S. will hold its general meetings twice a semester at the very least, with one in September and one in January. The executive board can call a general meeting by majority at any time with at least three days prior notice.
Section 2: Notice of meetings shall be given out by the secretary in the most complete manner practicable.
Section 3: Executive board meetings may be called by the president or a majority of the executive board with at least two days prior notice to all officers. All officers are required to attend.









Article 7 - Amendments and By-Laws




Section 1: Amendments to this constitution may be adopted upon an affirmative vote by two-thirds of those full members present at a general P.P.S. meeting. Any amendment adopted will go into effect a week after it has been voted on.
Section 2: By-laws may be adopted upon an affirmative vote of a majority of full members present at a general P.P.S. meeting.
Section 3: This constitution and by-laws are subject to interpretation of the president. The decision of the president may be overruled by a majority vote of those full members present at a general P.P.S. meeting or a majority vote of the executive board at an executive board meeting.