"I am what I am because of who we all are"

PASA (Penn African Students Association) is a student organization at the University of Pennsylvania that strives to educate and promote awareness of Africa in the Penn community. Throughout the academic year, we discuss numerous issues facing Africa and Africans around the world. In keeping with the vibrant spirit of Africa, we hold many social gatherings intended to bring both PASA and non-PASA members together in unity. We host several popular events, including our annual Africa Fest celebration. Our aim is to generate and support interest in Africa at Penn.

PASA boasts members as diverse as the continent; our members include everyone from Penn students living in Africa, African students at Penn who live in the United States, to Penn students looking to broaden their horizons. The history of Africa and it's heritage is quite rich and we are open to anyone who is interested in learning about and experiencing African culture. We also encourage our members to look into the problems facing Africa and explore ways to help combat the many problems facing the troubled continent. PASA is unique because it allows its members to take cultural issues and current events in Africa and breathe life into them.