The Constitution of the University of Pennsylvania Band

Article I: Organization

The name of this organization shall be the University of Pennsylvania Band ("The Penn Band").

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to serve the University of Pennsylvania through its support of the University's athletic teams and through its participation in non-athletic University and community events. The organization shall strive to uphold the name and reputation of the University. Its purpose is, moreover, to provide a social atmosphere in which the individual Band member's experience at the University is made more meaningful and complete.

Article III: Membership

The membership of the Penn Band shall be open to all undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Pennsylvania ("Penn"), as well as any alumni of the University. At the end of each semester, the Executive Board shall determine which members of the Band are eligible to vote. To be eligible to vote for the fall semester, attendance is required at four (4) home football games and one-half of rehearsals, music or field, throughout the fall semester, unless the Executive Board announces a different attendance level. To be eligible to vote for the spring semester, attendance is required at seven (7) Ivy League basketball games and one-half of rehearsals throughout the spring semester, unless the Executive Board announces a different attendance level. The Executive Board shall announce the number of rehearsals constituting “one-half” no later than October 1 for the fall semester and February 20 for the spring semester. Voting eligibility applies to the entire semester after which a member meets the eligibility requirements. Eligible members can vote to elect Executive Board members, to remove Executive Board members, and to ratify amendments to the Constitution. Individuals who do not meet the eligibility requirements have the right to petition the Executive Board for eligibility. Petitions should reflect dedication to the Band. Petitions shall be approved on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Executive Board. Members who are ineligible to vote are otherwise entitled to participate in Band activities.

Article IV: Leadership

Section A: The Executive Board

  1. Composition: The Executive Board ("the Board") shall be comprised of the following four (4) duly elected officers: the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary. The Board shall also consist of the Director, appointed by the University of Pennsylvania administration, and, if one exists, the Assistant Director or Assistant Directors, appointed by the Director.
  2. Election Process:
      1. Elections for the Executive Board shall be held no later than two (2) weeks following completion of the football season. Any Penn undergraduate eligible to vote in Penn Band elections who wishes to run for office must declare their intentions to the Secretary prior to elections. Members may also be nominated from the floor at the time of elections. Officers shall be elected by separate ballots in the following order: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary. All eligible members present must vote or submit a ballot indicating abstention. If there is more than one candidate for a position, voting for that position shall commence by secret ballot following candidate speeches and a question-and-answer session between candidates and voting members. Candidates for the position of President may speak for up to four (4) minutes while candidates for the other three (3) positions shall be allowed two (2) minutes. After the voting takes place, the results shall be tallied immediately by incumbent Board members not seeking reelection to the Board. The victor shall be announced immediately by the incumbent Board member in the corresponding position. If the incumbent seeks reelection, the Director, an Assistant Director, or another incumbent Board member shall announce the victor. If after the band has been allowed to nominate members for a position from the floor there is only one nominee, a member may call for acclimation of that nominee by a simple unanimous voice vote.
    1. Run-offs and Drop-downs:
      Should more than two (2) candidates vie for the same position, a run-off election between the two (2) candidates with the greatest number of votes shall be held immediately following the first vote, unless one (1) candidate receives a simple majority of votes cast in the first election. Members defeated in a vote for an Executive Board position may choose to "drop down" to run for a different position if the election of that position has not already taken place. However, no member may run for more than two (2) positions in a general election.
    2. Absentee Voting:
      Absentee votes must be signed and delivered to the Director prior to elections. Absentee votes shall count towards a candidate in a runoff election. Once a candidate is defeated, an absentee vote for that candidate is no longer valid should that candidate drop down to run for a second Board position.
    3. AAssumption of, Resignation from, and Removal from Office: Board members shall take office on January 1st of the following year and shall serve a term of one (1) calendar year. Should an elected Board member resign their position, a special election adhering to the above-stated rules shall be held soon thereafter to fill the vacated office. A Board member shall be subject to removal from office during a general meeting (rehearsal) by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members eligible to vote, a quorum of at least one-half (1/2) of those eligible individuals being present for the vote, with the intention of voting on removal of the officer in question announced by a member to the band at least one (1) week in advance. A replacement shall be elected at a special election adhering to the above-stated rules as soon after the removal as possible.

Section B: The Council

  1. Composition:
    The Council shall minimally be comprised of the following appointed officers: an Equipment Manager, a Travel Manager, and a Section Leaders for each section of the Band. The Executive Board may eliminate or create and fill additional Council positions as it deems appropriate. These additional positions shall be categorized as Managers and/or Chairs . More than one (1) person may fill each position. The Council shall be comprised additionally of the Drum Major(s), the Assistant Drum Major(s) (if applicable), and the Executive Board itself.
  2. Eligibility:
    All members of the Council shall be current members of the Band.
  3. Appointment, Selection, and Confirmation Process:

      1. Managers and Section Leaders:
      Managers, Chairs, and Section Leaders shall be appointed by the Executive Board in January. In order to be appointed to these positions, members must submit applications to the Executive Board. Applications shall be provided to any interested member no later than when the Band reconvenes following Winter Break.

      2. Drum Major, Assistant Drum Major, and Conducting Assistants:
      i. Drum Majors shall be selected following the conclusion of the basketball season, no later than the end of the academic year. Auditions for the Drum Major position must be held at an open, publicly announced general meeting (rehearsal). The Director, Assistant Director and incumbent Drum Majors not auditioning shall submit recommendation(s) to the Executive Board, which may choose to accept or reject the recommendation. After rejection, another recommendation shall be submitted adhering to the above-stated rules.

      ii.The Director, Assistant Director and incumbent Drum Majors may choose to submit recommendation(s) for Assistant Drum Majors to assist the Drum Major(s) to the Executive Board, which may choose to accept or reject the recommendation. After rejection, another recommendation may be submitted adhering to the above-stated rules

      iii. The Director, Assistant Director, Drum Major(s), and Assistant Drum Major(s) may appoint Conducting Assistants as necessary. Conducting Assistant appointments shall not require approval from the Executive Board. Conducting Assistants shall not vote on Council and shall not be present at closed Council meetings.

      iv. The Director may remove a Drum Major, Assistant Drum Major, or Conducting Assistant at their discretion. If any of the above are removed, the Director shall coordinate the appointment of a replacement as necessary.

      3. Assumption of, Removal from, and Resignation from Office:
      Council Members shall take office at the meeting immediately following their appointment or confirmed selection and shall serve a term of one (1) year. A member of Council not serving on the Executive Board may be subject to removal from office at any time by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Council. A replacement shall be either appointed by the Executive Board or by the Director as necessary. A vacancy created by resignation shall be replaced in the same fashion.

Article V: Meetings

Meetings shall be held regularly. Time, location, and frequency of general meetings (rehearsals) shall be determined by the Executive Board. Barring exceptional circumstances, the Band must convene at least weekly during academic periods. Time, location, and frequency of Board meetings shall be determined by the President except that the Board must convene at least twice a month during academic periods. Time, location, and frequency of Council meetings shall be determined by the President and announced at least seven (7) days in advance, except in unforeseen circumstances. The Council must convene at least monthly during academic periods.

Article VI: Amendments

Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed at a general meeting (rehearsal) by a member eligible to vote, the amendment having been submitted to the membership for review one (1) week in advance of the meeting at which it is proposed. Once duly proposed, amendments to the Constitution shall be ratified by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the eligible members voting at the meeting, a quorum of one-half (1/2) being present for the vote.

Article VII: Ratification

This Constitution shall be in effect, superseding all previous Constitutions, when approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the eligible members voting at the meeting, a quorum of one-half (1/2) being present, the motion having been submitted to the membership in writing at least two (2) weeks prior.

Ratified on March 3, 2014; Amended on December 6, 2021

The 2022 Ivy Band Agreement

  1. In order to facilitate communication among the bands, each band will send out to all other bands a list of their newly elected or appointed officers’ contact information. This is to be done as soon as possible after elections or appointments, and is to be done again when any information on the initial list changes. In addition, the will be updated as soon as the information is available. Yale is in charge of this listserv, and will be responsible for adding new leadership and removing old leadership from the listserv. New leadership must be added by December for bands who change leadership in November, and by the end of January for bands who change leadership in January. Also, newly elected or appointed officers must be shown this Ivy League Bands Agreement. Contact information for each band and the current Ivy League Bands Conference Agreement will be posted on each group's website in an easily accessible location. Each group’s respective website URL is as follows:

    The following is a list of the approximate times each band's leadership changes:

    • Brown: late November
    • Columbia: dissolved until further notice
    • Cornell: January
    • Dartmouth: late November
    • Harvard: late November
    • Penn: January
    • Princeton: late November
    • Yale: late January
  2. Each band will inform other bands of the intent to attend University events (sporting or otherwise) at least two weeks in advance during the football season (but preferably at the beginning of the school year) and as soon as scheduled for all other events (at least 1 week for winter sports). If they will need to be housed for a game, they will notify the host band at least two weeks in advance of this date, giving an approximate estimate of numbers as soon as such information is known (no later than one week in advance). The host band will provide a response (including housing capacity) no later than one week in advance of the game. If a visiting band is in need of a practice field, they will notify the host band at least 2 weeks in advance, and the host band will attempt to secure the requested practice field (more information for hosting and visiting rules per school can be found in a different document shared with those on the Ivy bands listsrv). Yale will neither request nor provide housing. Dartmouth will not house bands during their finals period. There shall be no expectation of housing any band by any band for the Ivy League Basketball Tournaments. All bands attending the tournament will make their own accommodations for the duration of their team’s participation in the tournament. So as to avoid unequal treatment, no band shall be housed while other visiting bands are not, except in the event of a double-header. If a band does not have adequate space to house both visiting bands, the first band to contact the host band has priority in receiving housing. Bands, with the exception of the given cases, are expected to provide housing to visiting bands during the football season and are encouraged to do so during the winter and spring seasons as they are able.

  3. Visiting bands are expected to act respectfully towards host bands and institutions. Bands may decline housing if serious infractions occur, but this must be discussed between the host band and the visiting band before contacting all bands. If housing is declined for a band, all bands must be notified via the listserv by the band declining housing. If housing is declined for a serious infraction, housing must be reevaluated for the next housing cycle. Further disciplinary action should be brought up with the university’s athletic departments and administrations.

  4. The following officers should be contacted when traveling to their respective schools:

    Bands not listing an email on the agreement will have an updated email to contact available on their website. These people should provide visiting bands with contact numbers for emergency health services in the area, and both visiting and hosting bands should provide each other with emergency contacts within their bands. These same people should be contacted for information about the host school’s policy regarding the censoring of scripts. Bands will provide a censoring policy in advance to other bands via the listserv if a policy exists. If a script needs to be sent in advance, it should be sent to the other school's athletic department by 5 PM the Wednesday before the game.

  5. Each band will contact its respective ticket office in the spring or before football season to attempt to secure adequate and equitable seating for visiting bands at football, hockey, and basketball games for the coming year. The visiting bands will be responsible for procuring those seats, but the host bands will make sure that their ticket offices are expecting these bands. If any problems arise that involves tickets or seating, visiting bands should feel free to ask for assistance from the host band. The host band will find out and inform the visiting band of any ticket limits imposed by the host school's athletic department at least one week in advance.

  6. Each band will find out its respective school's policy on playing music during sporting events (whatever sport), including post-game policy, and will communicate that policy, along with other traditions bands might have during the game (Ex: Penn, toast) to visiting bands at least one week in advance of the game. Bands shall not enter the football field or play music during the performance of another band without prior agreement. Where possible, the host band will help show the visiting band how to use the P.A. equipment.

  7. Representatives of the home band will meet with the visiting band upon arrival to determine the order of playing during breaks and after the game, and, if available, an Athletics script will be provided for each band. Time outs will be divided between the bands in an equitable manner agreed upon before the start of the game. Additionally, bands will not play over P.A. announcements, except where permitted.

  8. All bands agree to adhere to split their allotted time for halftime and pre-game shows evenly at football games. Respect for allotted time takes precedence over Section 6. Timing shall start when a member of the band first steps on the field, begins to play, when the band's public address announcer begins to speak, or at a designated time, whichever comes first. Timing shall end when the last member of the band has left the field, stops playing, or when the announcer completes his dialogue, whichever comes last. All bands shall time their own shows both in rehearsal and actual performance.

  9. If any bands need extra time for a special band-related celebration or internal celebration, they will let the visiting band know three weeks in advance or as soon as possible so that the visiting band can write or adjust its shows accordingly. If there will be other changes (such as kick-off time delayed due to televising or other non-band activities taking up part of half time) the host band will let the visiting band know as soon as possible. If any changes occur on game day, the visiting band will be notified immediately.

  10. In the event of an infraction of the Ivy League Bands Conference Agreement, the offended band may notify the other bands of the nature of the infraction (via use of the listserv, if need be) after a discussion between the bands involved in the infraction has taken place.

  11. All bands agree to host the Ivy League Bands Conference in the following order: Penn, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Harvard, and Princeton. Dartmouth and Cornell are exempted from the cycle due to how difficult it is to get there. Columbia is exempt from the cycle until further notice (due to their dissolution in fall 2020). Each host band of the given year will act as a center of communication until the following conference. The host band shall be in contact with other bands of the upcoming Ivy Bands Conference by February 1st of the hosting year. By February 1st, the host band should send out the expected date, which will be around the first weekend of April. Other bands have until February 15th to voice serious conflicts with this date. The host band will also calculate the cost of hosting the conference and divide it by the number of attendees, and each band will pay that amount times the number of that band’s attendees on the day of the conference. One representative from the host band will take minutes throughout the conference and send them to all members within 1 week following the conference.

  12. The conference host shall send the text of any proposed amendments to this agreement to all members within 2 weeks following the conference. Each band will contact the host to ratify the amendment(s). Amendments will be ratified individually. Each band will have two weeks from receiving an amendment to ratify. Any school that does not contact the host by the end of those two weeks shall be counted as ratifying all amendments. If an amendment has not passed unanimously once the two weeks have passed, the bands will discuss and revise the amendment and begin the ratification process anew. If the amendment fails to be ratified unanimously three times, the most recently proposed version will be added to a “Proposed Amendments” section following the ratified IBA and discussed at the next year’s IBC.

    12a. Amendments to the Ivy Bands Agreement may also be considered at any time of the year via proposal emailed to the Ivy Bands Listserv by one or more bands. If a band or bands email(s) a proposed amendment to the listserv, the bands shall have four weeks from the date the amendment was first proposed to discuss the amendment and vote via the listserv to either ratify or not ratify the amendment. Bands that do not cast a vote to the listserv within four weeks of the proposal shall be counted as ratifying the amendment. If an amendment proposed electronically is not ratified unanimously by the end of four weeks, the procedures for revision denoted in Section 12 shall take effect.
  13. All bands agree to split their allotted time at hockey games. During period breaks, the bands will determine whether this means splitting playing time during each break, or whether each band will take one period break. Representatives of the leadership of each band will, time and ability permitting, meet with the announcers before the game to indicate that playing time shall be split during the breaks. Additionally, bands will alternate playing during the time following any stoppage of play. The bands will coordinate before the game if this same rule applies to time following a penalty.

  14. When a band transitions its leadership, its outgoing leadership shall publish a short report to the Ivy Bands listserv detailing the past year’s recruitment efforts, retention efforts, initiatives to foster greater inclusivity, and relationship with its athletics department. Outgoing leadership reports shall be due by Valentine’s Day. The host of the upcoming year’s Ivy Bands Conference shall be responsible for reminding the bands to publish their outgoing leadership reports.

The Constitution of the Fanfare Honor Society

Article I: Organization

The name of this organization shall be The Fanfare Honor Society.

Article II: Objective

The Fanfare Honor Society shall serve the following function within the University of Pennsylvania Band:

  1. As an organization that strives to create an atmosphere of Spirit and Fraternity within the larger Penn community by planning and implementing social and community service events.

Article III: Officers

The Society shall be led by a Chair who will be assisted by a Vice Chair and a Secretary (the Fanfare Board). Election of these said officers will take place at a meeting of the Society during the month of April. The Membership of Fanfare may provide for special elections as needed. Terms of the offices will turn over on May 1. The Board shall meet at least once before the end of the Spring Term. This Fanfare board is responsible for organizing the members of Fanfare toward achieving the society's goals and for communicating with the Executive Board of the Penn Band. The duties of each officer are as follows:

  1. CHAIR: The Chair shall preside over meetings and be responsible for the execution of all Society functions. Meetings are held at the discretion of the Chair. The Chair has the power to form committees and name Fanfare members to these committees.
  2. VICE CHAIR: The Chair shall be assisted by a Vice Chair. The Vice Chair shall fulfill any and all duties of the Chair should they be unable to be present at a meeting. The Vice Chair is responsible for membership and voting eligibility issues.
  3. SECRETARY: The Society shall have a Secretary. The Secretary shall be responsible for attendance at the Society's meetings and functions. They shall be responsible for the taking of minutes of the Society's meeting and for their timely distribution. The secretary shall be responsible for notifying Fanfare members (and the Chair) of any attendance problems.

Article IV: Meeting Attendance and Voting Procedure

For any voting procedures, at least two-thirds of total Fanfare voting members must be present. On the occasions that the necessary fraction of affirmative votes is not a whole number, the Society will round up the number of votes needed for the vote to pass.

Article V: Membership

Membership in the Society shall be determined in the following manner:

  1. Membership in Fanfare is an Honor for members of the Band who have distinguished themselves within the organization through Service.
  2. A prospective member must be a member at the time of selection and shall have been a Voting Member (as determined by the Executive Board of the Band) for a total of at least three semesters. This may not include the semester in which they are being considered but may include the semester previous to the time of consideration.
  3. New members shall be selected twice yearly within five weeks from the start of the fall academic semester and within three weeks from the start of the spring academic semester.
  4. All members of the Band eligible for membership in the Society shall be notified by the Vice Chair of the Society, in writing, of their eligibility, and they will be asked to submit an application. Once the application is reviewed, they will receive a decision.
  5. Any members that go abroad or take a leave of absence who had Voting Membership the semester prior to leaving are granted automatic voting status.
  6. There are two classifications of membership in the Fanfare Society, Voting and Non-Voting. Fanfare voting member: Fanfare voting members are in Voting Membership with the Band (as defined by the Band Executive Board) from the previous semester and comply with Fanfare’s attendance guidelines.
    1. Fanfare voting member: Fanfare voting members are entitled to one unexcused absence from a meeting per academic semester. Requests for excused absence must be received by the Secretary no later than three hours prior to the start of the meeting. Later excuses can be approved at the Secretary’s discretion.
    2. Fanfare non-voting member: Fanfare non-voting members of Fanfare have either had more than one unexcused absence from a Fanfare meeting, did not receive Voting Membership with the Band in the previous semester, or have chosen to voluntarily relinquish their voting privileges and status. They may be granted voting status by a majority vote of the present voting members of Fanfare.
  7. Any member may be dismissed from the Society for a reproachable act against the Band or Society. This is accomplished by a four-fifths vote of the present voting members of the Society.
  8. Upon graduation, members of the Fanfare Society become Fanfare non-voting members unless they maintain Voting Membership (as by the Band Executive Board's criterion) and comply with attendance guidelines of Fanfare.

Article VI: Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be held at least once a month at a time and place determined by the Chair. Supplemental meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair or upon petition of at least one-fourth of the Society's membership.
  2. At the discretion of the Chair, Fanfare meetings may be open to any member of the Band who wishes to observe. However, only members of Fanfare may participate, unless the Chair recognizes that non-Fanfare member to speak. Only Fanfare members may be present for any part of a meeting that involves voting procedure.
  3. For any voting procedures, at least two-thirds of the Society's voting membership must be present.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, a motion carries if voted upon affirmatively by a majority of the above two-thirds quorum at a regular, announced meeting of the Society.

Article VII: Finances

All financial resources and expenses of the Society shall be maintained and distributed under the auspices of the Treasurer of the Band with the exception of any fundraisers held by the Society. The Chair shall be responsible for all communication with the Treasurer of the Band to ensure compliance with University, city, state, and federal guidelines concerning transactions.

Article VIII: Override

  1. In extenuating circumstances, where strict adherence to the Constitution significantly hinders the progress or best interest of the Society, provisions (and amendments) of the Constitution, excluding this Article and Article IX, may be temporarily overridden through the procedures dictated by this article.
  2. If two-thirds of Fanfare voting members are present at a meeting, any Fanfare voting member may propose to temporarily override any specific provision of the Constitution. This may be proposed at any point after the meeting has commenced and before it has adjourned. The unanimous consent of all present and eligible Fanfare voting members is required to override any provision of the Constitution. If a member's duties or membership in the Society is in question, that member may not vote. Due to the standard of unanimity, all votes must be in the form of a written and secret ballot. This will ensure that members are not pressured into overriding a Constitutional provision and that the overrides are only used in extenuating circumstances. Furthermore, the override must be adopted during the same meeting in which it is proposed.
  3. The Society may not prohibit relevant discussion before voting on such a proposal, including cases in which a member is speaking in defense of their duties or membership in the Society.
  4. In order to prevent abuse of this amendment, each member may only propose one override per semester.

As soon as the action for which the override is necessary has been executed, the override is no longer in effect nor does it have binding precedent on future cases.

Article IX: Amendment

With a four-fifths vote of the Society's present voting membership, this Constitution may have clauses or articles appended, changed, or subtracted. An amendment may not be voted upon at the same meeting in which it is introduced. The meeting to vote on an amendment must take place at least one week after the meeting at which it is introduced. The effect of such a change to the Constitution shall be to supersede the previous Constitution in favor of the new Constitution adopting the desired change.

Last ratified November 17, 2021

Scrolls of the Immortals

The Executive Board

Year President V. President Treasurer Secretary
1897 William J. Goeckel Horace Palmer Beck George Gregg A. Felix du Pont
1908 H. G. Hartman F. A. Hollowbush F. A. Hollowbush
1917 Harold Thurlow Rinker
1918 Harold Thurlow Rinker
1956 Gerald Weinstein
1957 Jimmy DePriest
1963 Jamey Nocks
1964 Earl Jaskol Alan Fegenberg Ken Guttenplan
1966 Howie Rivenson
1968 Mort Silverman/Stan Smith Mike Karpinski Bob Hughes
1969 Stanton Smith Bob Goodwin Marguerite Van Dyke Bill Jones
1970 Rick Steinbrook John L Zona Hank Grover Henry Grover
1971 Dave Mudge Peg Schnarr Hank Grover Lynn Leopold
1972 Peggy Schnarr Lynn Leopold Dave Boonin
1973 Pan Belford Jane Backus Dave Zeehaneluar John Kozakowski
1974 John Kozakowski Mimi Dunlap Greer Cheeseman Cathy Webert
1975 Roger Early Leila Bender Dave Rose Doris Mack
1976 Doris Mack Dave Rose Phil Kruger Sue Coon/Caroline Schwartz
1977 Tony Bush Brian Pentilla Vince Palusci Carol Pasquariello
1978 Brian Pentilla Vince Palusci Larry Holzman Paula Lazrus
1979 Vince Palusci Dave Beik Charlie Roumas Paula Lazrus
1980 Dave Beik Jeff Indraisano Jim Davis Ann McCarthy
1981 Jeff Indraisano Bob Zivian Mark Washauer Ann McCarthy
1982 Bob Zivian Scott Lorimer Mark Washauer Shari Waldman
1983 Larry 'Chip' Hunter Rob Mangel Paul Buckley Shari Waldman
1984 Randi Baum Chip Bayers John Cross Naomi Grabel
1985 Henry Kahwaty Debbie Bowman H.P. Baker Naomi Grabel
1986 Charlie Weidner Karen McSorley Jay Friedman Sharon Lalo
1987 Charlie Weidner Sharon Lalo Mark Weiner Meredith Sharenson
1988 Rob Alpern Tom Tallarini Paul Kelner Michael Goldfine
1989 Michael Goldfine Michael Brose Brian Stifel Belanne Ungarelli
1990 Michael Brose Steven Birmingham Rochelle Brittman Stacey Branco
1991 Tom Eaton Frank Reda Kevin Pollack Howie Berkenblit
1992 Paul Luongo Pat Matthews Mitchel Kraus Brian Nolan
1993 Charles Maddow Cathie Henry Martha McGrail Karyn Peiser
1994 Cathie Henry Paul LaMonica Tavia Rutledge Melissa Kaplan
1995 Jason Pollack Melissa Kaplan Tricia Quarmby Ilena Olster
1996 Andrew Bosshard Margaret Young Tricia Quarmby Chris Przybysyszewski
1997 Scott Levine Chris Przybysyszewski Chas Carol Nicole Kaplan
1998 Chas Carol Nicole Kaplan Eric Klein Amanda Reyes
1999 Eric Klein Mark Kurish Myrtland Roberts Nick Forand
2000 Jen Koh Mark Kurish Myrtland Roberts Laura Magnotti
2001 Laura Magnotti Bob Kennedy Katie Miller Cristina Tellechea
2002 Cristina Tellechea Anthony DeFrancesco Mayuko Endo Jeff Kohl
2003 Bill Loth Aaron Haddad Jeff Kohl Jackie Tsai
2004 Kirsten Blessing Aaron Haddad Brian Brower Tiffany Chen
2005 Jason Beiger Willow "Susan" Gross Jessica Neiterman Pamela Rist & Brian Phillips
2006 Lisa Fiorenzo Brian Phillips Eamonn O'Callaghan Pamela Rist
2007 Rebecca Goldman Benjamin Gaines Eamonn O'Callaghan Lindsey Allwine
2008 Benjamin Gaines Michael Kettler Eamonn O'Callaghan Joseph Coyne
2009 Joseph Coyne Zach Klitzman Gordon Watkins Jaci Rifkin
2010 Stephen Abrams-Downey Matthew Gazzara Gordon Watkins Jaci Rifkin
2011 Matthew Gazzara Sam Pasternack Michael Guarino Angela Halstead
2012 Jodi Lapidus Sam Pasternack Jake Spector Will Chim
2013 David Kaiser-Jones Andres Gonzalez Kaitlyn Kutschera Josh Cooper
2014 Lauren Mendoza Andres Gonzalez Dana Rosenberg Marietta Catsambas
2015 Dana Rosenberg   Allison Sands Joey Licata
2016 Ben Parker* John San Soucie Laura Kuder Spencer Fox
2017 Laura Kuder John San Soucie Emily Elenio Renee Hastings
2018 Emily Elenio Aaron Mittleman Rendy Fernandez Zabryna Atkinson-Diaz / Chris Urffer
2019 Jacob Linfesty Aaron Mittleman Chad Vigil Jessica Conway
2020 Jessica Conway Adam Rose David Fernandez Charlotte Cecarelli
2021 Adam Rose Charlotte Cecarelli Jenna Pollack Laila Norford
2022 Anna Do Kara Murphy Gabrielle Bioteau Emily Marston

The Drum Majors and Conducting Assistants

Year Drum Major Conducting Assistants
1897 John Ericson Heyke
1908 - 1909 R. R. Stoddard
1911-13 James Edward Heckel
1920 "Shorty" Marsh
1943-49 Sam Lange
1951-52 Bill Quilty
1957-58 Glenn Yowger
1959 Dan Briggs
1960 Dan Briggs Ralph Fine
1961 Dan Briggs
1962-64 Don Latella
1966-67 Michael Westerman
1969-70 Mike Horvitz
1970-71 Mike Horvitz Terry Pinder
1971-72 Mike Horvitz
1972-73 Terry Pinder
1973-74 Mike Brown Corky Katz
1974-75 Mike Brown John Voris
1975-76 Greer Cheeseman John Koz
1976-77 Greer Cheeseman Dave Rose
1977-78 Don English
1978-79 John Kadane Dave Diamant
1979-80 Bob Phelps Ann McCarthy
1980-81 Dave Heyman Scott Boden
1981-82 Scott Boden Warren Meyer
1982-83 Mark Warshauer
1983-84 Larry Creswell Jim Penkola
1984-85 Chris Mario
1985-86 Chip Bayers
1986-87 Ron Sheklin Dave Santilli
1987-88 Brett Dorny
1988-89 Ron Sheklin Glenn McLintock
1989-90 Brian Stifel Brian Greenberg; Glenn McLintock
1990-91 Brian Stifel Marianne Alves; Lisa Bardfeld
1991-92 Marianne Alves Tom Eaton; Dave Doctorow; Ken McFarlane
1992-93 Lisa 'Frieda' Bardfeld Jeff Pinco; James Stallworth
1993-94 James Stallworth Dave Lurie; Tessie Topol
1994-95 James Stallworth Kushol Gupta; Andrew Bosshard; Jim Maceiko
1995-96 Kushol Gupta Andrew Bosshard (Asst DM); Christina Webb; Jim Maceiko
1996-97 Kushol Gupta Andrew Bosshard (Asst DM); Christina Webb; Laurie Snyder
1997-98 Christina Webb Nicole Kaplan; Julian Milikan; Meridith Lazar; Tara Strawderman; Owen Murphy
1998-99 Julian Milikan
1999-00 Julian Milikan Jason Feldman; Elizabeth Lutz; Chris Rubino; Vicky Sin
2000-01 Jason Feldman
2001-02 Jason Feldman Josh Doloff; Tristan English; Elizabeth Lutz; Aaron Short; Lisa Snyder
2002-03 Elizabeth Lutz Josh Doloff; Tristan English; Rico Franco; deMauri Mackie
2003-04 Joshua Doloff Rico Franco; deMauri Mackie; Brian Phillips; Lisa Fiorenzo
2004-05 Rico Franco Jason Beiger (Asst DM); deMauri Mackie; Brian Phillips; Rebecca Goldman; Lisa Fiorenzo
2005-06 deMauri Mackie Brian Phillips; Rebecca Goldman; Lisa Fiorenzo; Megan Brindle
2006-07 Brian Phillips Lisa Fiorenzo; Rebecca Goldman; Megan Brindle, Kevin Rakszawski
2007-08 Rebecca Goldman John V. Palusci; Megan Brindle; Rebecca Aaberg; Tom Hensle; Kevin Rakszawski
2008-09 John V. Palusci Rebecca Aaberg (Asst DM), Kevin Rakszawski, Jaci Rifkin, Robin Acker
2009-10 Rebecca Aaberg Jaci Rifkin, Nia Crosley, Robin Acker, Tom Hensle
2010-12 Robin Acker & Tom Hensle (Co-DMs) Danielle Greenwald, Angela Yu, Dillon Schriver, Jaci Rifkin, Jake Tolan, Jodi Lapidus, Ellen Williams, Rafi Pelles.
2012 Kylie Murrin, Lauren Mendoza, Ken Beierlein, Rob Ritchie (Co-DMs)
2013-14 Lauren Mendoza and Kylie Murrin (Co-DMs)
2014-15 Kylie Murrin Jonathan Calles (Asst DM), Kelly Ha (Asst DM)
2015-16 Jonathan Calles and Kelly Ha (Co-DMs) Jenna Harowitz (Asst DM), Kyle McKee (Asst DM)
2016-17 Jenna Harowitz and Kyle McKee (Co-DMs) Richard DiNapoli (Asst DM)
2017-18 Jenna Harowitz, Kyle McKee, Richard DiNapoli (Co-DMs)  
2018-19 Richard DiNapoli and Zabryna Atkinson-Diaz (Co-DMs) Melannie Jay (Asst DM)
2019-20 McKay Burdette and Hannah Salazar (Co-DMs) Ryan Thomas Jurewicz (Asst DM)
2020-21 Ryan Thomas Jurewicz and Jenna Pollack (Co-DMs) Morgan McLees (Asst DM)
2021-22 Jenna Pollack and Morgan McLees (Co-DMs) Amanda Palamar (Asst DM)
2022-23 Sarah Oburu and Amanda Palamar (Co-DMs) Emily Marston (Asst DM)


Year Director Assistant Director
1897-1899 John Ericson Heyke
1900-1901 Jacob M. Stick
1908-1917 Paul Eno
1917-1922 Richard L. Weaver
????-1925 Hedda Van den Beemt
1925 J.W.F. Leman
1925-41 Adolph Vogel
1941-43 Elliot Broza/Lawrence
1943-49 Bruce Beach
1950-52 George 'Red' Byrd
1952-57 Bruce Breach
1957-58 Bruce Montgomery
1958-64 Joseph Colantonio
1965-69 E. Dennis Rittenhouse
1969-71 Barry Sutnick
1971-73 Bill Lessig
1973-75 Claude White
1975-78 Nick Cassizzi
1978-94 Claude White Greer Cheeseman
1994-Pres Greer Cheeseman Adam Sherr, Kushol Gupta

Past Voices of The Penn Band

Year Voice
1967-1969 Richard Van Dyke
1970 Stanton Smith
1971-1972 John Adams
1973 Scott Greenstein
1974 Scott Greenstein
1975 Scott Greenstein
1976 Scott Greenstein
1977 Jon Kadane
1983 Chip Bayers
1984 Chip Bayers
1985 Debby Bowman
1986 Bruce Novick
1988 Janet Kobrin Wats
1989 Andrew Winston
1990 Andrew Winston
1991 Tom Gordon
1993 Cathy Henry
1994 Karen Klinger
1995 Jim Maceiko
1996 Jim Maceiko
1997 Owen Murphy
1998 Adam McCabe
1999 Laura John
2000 Laura John
2001 Joe Sgro, III
2002 Joe Sgro,
2003 Chris Bellis
2004 Eric Swanson
2005 Chris Bellis
2006 Michael Kettler
2007 Michael Kettler
2008 Tom Hensle
2009 Joe Catania
2010 Jodi Lapidus
2011 Michael Guarino
2012 Jake Tolan
2013 Jonathan Calles
2014 Cutler Reynolds
2015 Ben Parker
2016 Colleen Brace
2017 Jacqueline Valeri
2018 Emily Elenio
2019 Adam Rose
2021 Lilly Friedman

The Henry Goodband First-Year of the Year Award

Year Freshman
1961 Norman Chachkin
1962 R. Adair/C Bishop
1963 K.Guttenplan/T.Osborn
1964 Howard Rivenson
1965 Joseph Podgor
1966 Alan Hill
1967 Michael Karpinski
1968 Thomas Kodera
1969 Michael Horvitz
1970 Harry Skefos
1971 Lynne Leopold
1972 Cliff Goodman
1973 Robert Boonin
1974 R. Greer Cheeseman III
1975 Carol Pasquariello/Tony Bush
1976 Bradford Wilson/Brian Penttila
1977 Leonard Bernstein/Vincent Palusci
1978 David Beik/Roger Masch
1979 Jeffrey Indrisano/Albert Freedman
1980 Bob Zivian
1981 Shari Waldman
1982 Andy Bender
1983 John Cross
1984 Jeff Smith
1986 Mike Goldfine/Paul Kelner
1987 Mike Brose
1988 Jayakar Nayak
1989 Marianne Alves
1990 James Stallworth
1991 Brian Nolan
1992 Melissa Kaplan
1993 Margaret Young
1994 Chris Przybyszewski
1995 Owen Murphy
1996 Eric Klein
1997 Jen Koh
1998 Laura Magnotti
1999 Anthony Defranscesco
2000 Alan Klein
2001 Aaron Haddad
2002 Rico Franco
2003 Zachary Noyce
2004 Melanie Foreman
2005 Erik Hickman
2006 Zach Klitzman
2007 Tom Hensle
2008 Michael Guarino
2009 Jodi Lapidus
2010 Kaitlyn Kutschera
2011 Jordan King
2012 Jacob Reeder
2013 Andi Frank
2014 Jeanette Freeman
2015 Richard DiNapoli
2016 Aaron Mittleman
2017 Ryan Jurewicz and Nico Tapiero
2018 Adam Rose
2019 Anna Do
2020 Kelly Garcia-Ramos
2021 Christopher Powell

Most Valuable Bando

Year Bando
1996 Amanda Reyes
1997 Bill Napier/Ryan Pry
1998 John Baker
1999 Sylvia Stern
2000 Arthur DaSilva
2001 Julie Bookbinder
2002 Jaime Rosenthal
2003 Evelyn Morley
2004 - not awarded -
2005 Tiffany Chen & Kirsten Blessing
2006 Carina Wells
2007 Melanie Foreman
2008 Erik Hickman
2009 Joe Catania
2010 Nia Crosley
2011 Evan Hodges-LeClaire
2012 Jen Sackowski
2013 Kaitlyn Kutschera
2014 Michael Rosenberg
2015 Anissa Teng
2016 Emma Hetrick
2017 David Cantu
2018 Christina Nordrum
2019 Jesse Goodale IV
2020 Bernie Wang
2021 Bryan Denq

Past Harvard Pregame Languages (at Cambridge)

Year Language
1989 Spanglish
1991 Russian
1993 Japanese
1995 Hungarian
1997 Gaelic
1999 Polish
2001 Taiwanese
2003 Armenian
2005 Serbian
2007 Azeri
2009 Swedish
2011 Elvish
2013 Turkish
2015 The Queen's English
2017 German
2019 Newspeak

The Horse's Ass Award

As legend has it, back in the fall of 1967 the band was down on the field getting ready for halftime. As the clock ticked down, the opposing team was running for a certain touchdown. Unable to just sit idly by and watch this happen, one Anthony J. Stagliano released himself from his bass drum and ran onto the field and tackled said opponent. Lost in time are any actual facts - penalties, sobriety tests, how much money AJ had in the betting pool, ... But ever since then, the band has singled out a person (or persons) for service Above and Beyond the call each year. It is worth mention that the current Band Director has won this award twice (so far) - once as an undergrad, and once as an alleged adult).

Year Horse's Ass
1965 AJ Stagliano
1966 Robert E Willis
1967 In the running MJ Carpinski
1968 George Entenmann
1969 Paul Roda
1970 Frank Manola
1971 Hank Grover
1972 David Boonin
1973 The Percussion Section
1974 Claude White
1975 Phil Otterness/Larry Smith
1976 Greer Cheeseman ("Star")
1977 Nobody
1978 Pete Graber
1979 Bob Phelps
1980 Josh Uartleigh
1981 No one in particular
1982 Brad Lebo & the PGA Bored
1983 Trumpet a**holes
1984 blank
1985 Chip Bayers/Scot Boden
1986 Dan Dorsey/Sam Santilly
1987 Charlie Weidner
1988 Randy Shapiro (Asst: Brad Lebo)
1989 Glen McLintock, NGL, Paul Kellner, NGL, (close second, Adam Sherr)
1990 Jayakar Nayak/Steve Birmingham
1991 Jury Still out
1992 No one, Mitch & Frieda another lean year
1993 no one
1994 ditto
1995 The Showwriting Committee
1996 The Drumline
1997 Scott Levine/Margaret Young
1998 Julie Bookbinder
1999 The Hornytones
2000 Greer Cheeseman
2001 The Showwriting Committee
2002 Another Lean Year (not Dibble)
2003 Jeff "Concussion" Kohl
2004 no one
2005 no one
2006 Apples
2007 Joseph Coyne
2008 Waiting for Greer to count the damn votes
2009 Waiting for Greer to count the damn votes
2010 Adu
2011 Franklin Stinner
2012 Franklin Stinner
2013 Franklin Stinner
2014 The Chops
2015 Emma McNamara
2016 Joseph Klinger
2017 Ben “this sounds like a reasonable and professional way of handling an unforeseeable, unpreventable problem” Parker and Adam Sherr
2018 Emily Elenio vs Hey Day
2019 Caitlin vs Tooth

Lyrics to Penn songs

(The Songs of the University of Pennsylvania. c1923 Hinds and Noble)

The Red and Blue

Words by Harry E. Westervelt, '98

(Verse 1) Come all ye loyal classmates now
In hall and campus through,
Lift up your hearts and voices
For the Royal Red and Blue
Fair Harvard has her crimson
Old Yale her colors too,
But for dear Pennsylvania
We wear the Red and Blue.

(Refrain) Hurrah, hurrah Pennsylvania!
Hurrah for the Red and the Blue!
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah,
Hurrah for the Red and Blue!
(verses 2-5 omitted)

Hail Pennsylvania (The Alma Mater of the University of Pennsylvania)

Words by Edgar M. Dilley, 1897

Hail Pennsylvania, noble and strong
To thee with loyal hearts we raise our song
Swelling to heaven loud our praises ring
Hail Pennsylvania, of thee we sing.

Majesty as a crown rest on thy brow
Pride, honor, glory, love before thee bow.
Ne'er can thy spirit die, thy walls decay
Hail Pennsylvania, of thee we pray.

Hail Pennsylvania, guide of our youth
Lead thou thy children on to light and truth.
Thee when death summons us, others shall praise
Hail Pennsylvania thro' endless days!

Cheer Pennsylvania

Words by C.W. O'Connor

Cheer Pennsylvania, cheer evermore
We're here to see the Red and Blue score and score
And when we give a resounding 'Hoorrah, hoorrah'
Ever loyal to old Pennsylvania.

Drink a Highball

Words by G.B. Brigham, 1901

Drink a Highball at nightfall
Be good fellows while you may
For tomorrow may bring sorrow
So tonight, lets all be Gay!
Tell the story of Glory
Of Pennsylvania
Drink a highball And be jolly
Here's a toast to dear old Penn!

Fight On, Pennsylvania!

Words by Ben S. McGiveran, '23

Fight on, Pennsylvania!
Put the ball across that line.
Fight you Pennsylvanians!
There it goes across this time.
Red and blue we're with you
And we're cheering for your men.
So it's fight, fight, fight Pennsylvania
Fight on for Penn!

The University of Pennsylvania Band March

Hail Alma Mater!
Thy sons cheer thee now.
To thee, Pennsylvania,
All rivals must bow,
Glorious forever,
Thy colors dear will be
Forever, forever
They'll wave in Victory.