Senior Spotlights - Class of 2017

Natalie Schibrowski

To kick off our senior spotlights, we'll be starting off with Natalie!

Natalie joined us as a Masters student in Biochemistry, and has become part of the family as a bass drum, drum tech, and conducting assistant. She will be going to UCLA for her PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular and Structural Biology.

Favorite band memory? "In all seriousness though, it would have to be just the time I got to spend with everyone, conducting as a CA, and how loving, caring, and supportive everyone is constantly." Also, finally getting Koosh to Quizzo.

Molly Brothers

Let's keep the senior spotlights rolling!

Molly is graduating from the College with a degree in Biology, and will be leaving us to start a Molecular and Cell Biology PhD at UC Berkeley this fall. Thankfully, she found the time to help us out as clarinet section leader and then music manager for the past three years. She will miss all her bando friends, "especially my claribabes."

Favorite band memory? "One field rehearsal, the clarinets stole a big red ball from the chops that they had found on Franklin Field. We subsequently named it clariball and pushed it into formations with us the rest of the night."

Cutler Reynolds

It's time for the next in our series of senior spotlights!

Cutler Reynolds has functioned as the Voice of the band and currently is the chair of our Fanfare Honor Society. He will be graduating from the College with a degree in Economics and a minor in History. Cutler writes, "It's the people in this group that make it so amazing. I could be here all day just listing all the great people I've met… and how much fun I've had studying, hanging out, and playing music with them these past four years! Love you guys!"

Favorite band memory? "Too many to count!" including traveling to LA, reciting the Night's Watch oath while freezing at Dartmouth, the endless amount of shameless heckling

Allison Sands

Our seniors are so great!

Allison has been gracing us with her piccolo playing while also functioning as section leader and then band treasurer. She is graduating with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, along with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. She writes, "I am so honored to have been able to be a part of this fabulous group and I am forever grateful for the friends I have made in my four years in the band."

Favorite band memory? Going to LA for the NCAA tournament

Steven Meisler

Wow! We can't believe it's already time for another senior shoutout!

Steven Meisler is a bioengineering major from Pepper Pike, Ohio. He's also minoring in engineering entrepreneurship, mathematics, and jazz & popular music. He plays glockenspiel, has served as a drumline section leader, and has arranged several tunes for the band. Steven is one of the all-around smartest and funniest people we've ever met! Fortunately, we've got another semester with him, since he's sub-matriculating into the MSE program in bioengineering.

Steven's favorite band memories include performing his arrangement of "My Shot" for Lin-Manuel Miranda and going to Los Angeles for the NCAA Tournament. He says, "I hope that as I move on to my graduate studies and beyond, I can do all in my capacity to stay involved with the band and give back to reciprocate for everything it has done for me."

Derek Arbige

The senior spotlights start coming and they don't stop coming!
(Disclaimer: The following statements are not at all influenced by Derek's request to sound extra cool.)

Derek is the absolute coolest, and certainly loudest, graduating senior on baritone. These past four years he has given us an overabundance of his unique humor, awe-inspiring performances at Bonegiving, willingness to jump into low brass pyramids at the drop of a hat, and also managed to be co-section leader his sophomore year. He will be graduating with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, alongside a minor in consumer psychology. We hope to see him in the future as he enters the workforce, as we still can't believe he's actually leaving us. (Isn't he still just a freshman???)

Favorite band memories? Playing BFL on Franklin Field after Wednesday night rehearsals and road trippin' to Dartmoth College

Giulia Arostegui

Back to the drumline for tonight's senior spotlight!!

Giulia Arostegui is one of our favorite people ever. Giulia is from Sacramento, California, and she's graduating this year with a degree from Penn Nursing. Next year, she'll be working with a Thoracic Surgery Intermediate Care Unit at MedStar Georgetown, but she eventually plans to come back to Penn and get a master's! As far as the Penn Band is concerned, Giulia plays bass drum and has served as the drumline section leader and Fanfare Honor Society chair. She has been tirelessly dedicated to the band during her entire time with us (including working really hard to plan our super-fun semi-formal a couple weeks ago!), plus she is endlessly kind and willing to listen and give a word of encouragement. We're going to really miss her!!

Giulia's favorite band memories include taking photos with Amy Gutmann and hanging out with the other drummers. She says: "Drummer dinners are always so lovely- it's nice to know that semi-regularly at 6pm on Sundays I can see some of my favorite people and take a break from studying!

Jamie Brensilber

Our next senior shoutout is from the flutes section!

Jamie comes to us from Old Westbury, Long Island. She's graduating with a double major from the College of Arts and Sciences in Political Science and French & Francophone Studies, and next year, she's going to Columbia Law School. She plays both flute and piccolo, and her dedication to the band has made her an integral member of the flute section. Her quiet leadership has made the band an all-around better place to be! All of us are super glad to have gotten to know Jamie over the last couple years, and we wish her the best of luck next year!!

Jamie's favorite band memories? "Participating in homecoming events and seeing the alumni still singing songs like ‘Red and Blue'!"

Andi Frank

Let's keep these senior spotlights going!

Andi Frank (shown here with sophomore sax Matt) is an alto sax player from Holland, Pennsylvania. She's graduating this year with a degree in Bioengineering, and next year she's pursuing a Ph.D. from UC San Diego in human-robot interaction, which is seriously one of the coolest things we've ever heard. Andi has been deeply involved with the band during her entire time with us, including serving as the recruitment/retention chair, social chair, conducting assistant, and sax section leader! She's one of the reasons why the sax section (actually, the entire band, to be honest) is so close, and all of us in the band are going to miss her dedication to the band, her sense of humor and her gift for bringing people together.

Andi's favorite band memory is leading Tour de Band her sophomore year!!

Emma McNamara

We've had a couple requests for this particular senior spotlight (which I guess makes it extra special!)

Emma McNamara is a clarinet player who comes to us from Merrick, New York. She is graduating from the College with a degree in anthropology, and next year she is going to Puerto Rico, where she plans to work on a primate behavior study on rhesus macaques! Monkeys are just one of Emma's many fascinating passions (ask her about ABBA, for instance), and we've greatly enjoyed getting to know her during her time with the Penn Band. Her spirit and amazing sense of humor have made her an integral member of our clarinet section, and we're going to miss her hugely next year!!
Emma's favorite band memory is posing for photos with Amy Gutmann (like this one!!). She also wanted to make sure we said, "Shout out to Meryl Streep for keeping me motivated in life!!!" Best of luck, Emma!!

Anissa Tang

Another day, another senior we'll miss tremendously... Where do we even begin with this one?

Anissa Tang (Zeegbar) came to us all the way from Manila (that's right, the Philippines!), and she has become a indispensible part of our Penn Band family. On snares and cymbals she has selflessly functioned as the backbone of the drumline, being awarded the Most Valuable Bando award last year. Her most notable work? Her part of the infamous extremely-mini drumline at Perry World House. She will be graduating from the College with a degree in Economics, minoring in Music and History. We wish her the best of luck in the future and we'll miss her dedication to the band greatly next year!

Anissa's favorite band memory is leading the Hey Day procession with drumline every year!

Brian Wright

Some of our graduates aren't underclassmen?!? *GASP*
It's okay; we adore them too!

Brian Wright came to Penn a full-fledged adult, moving with his lovely wife Michelle from Florida to Pennsylvania. Brian joined us as a Masters student in Robotics, and will be leaving to work in Germany. During his much-too-short stint at Penn, he added to our super-senior trombone line and provided us with many laughs and his adorable dog, Glorio. His favorite memory (and we must say we agree!) is dropping by band parties with Glorio on her late-night walks. He leaves us with this lasting insight: "Penn Band provides purpose. Join Penn Band."