Senior Spotlights - Class of 2018

Spencer Fox

To kick off the series, we'd like to give a shout out to senior chop Spencer Fox! Spencer hails from Cochranville, PA. At Penn, he's studied Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics with a minor in math. He will be sub-matriculating into the Robotics MSE program, so we are lucky enough to have him around next year as well! He's contributed a lot to the band throughout his time at Penn, serving as Equipment Manager, Secretary, and Chop Section Leader.

His favorite memory with the band was going to LA for the WBB tournament. He says it was "the coolest trip that we went on and we had plenty of time to relax and explore the city as well. I had a great time going around the city with my friends and then getting to play for the WBB team!" He encourages new bandos to "travel with the band! You get to meet people from other schools and get to explore beyond Penn’s campus."

Jacqueline Valeri

Our next senior spotlight features Jacqueline Valeri! She's a senior clarinet player hailing from Bedford, New Hampshire. At Penn, she's studied Bioengineering with a minor in Computer Science, and plans to continue studying Bioengineering while she gets her PhD at MIT!

Jackie's positivity and charisma have brought a lot to the band over the last four years. She was social chair for a year and a half, clarinet section leader, and the Voice! If you didn't hear her at Franklin Field, you've definitely heard her in the Palestra - her favorite band memory was "heckling a guy on St. Joe's basketball team named Charlie Brown." She encourages new bandos to follow in her footsteps and be loud as well. Jackie would also like to "thank the AAs for putting up with our collective crap for four years. They are like parents to us while we're here, and it means a lot to us :)"

Kate Panzer

Our next senior spotlight features Kate Panzer! She's a senior flute player from Media, PA and a Bioengineering major at Penn. After graduation, she plans to take a gap year before medical school to hopefully do volunteer work abroad!

Her favorite band memories all involve "field rehearsals, including our last rehearsal for the senior show and playing BFL in the beautiful Franklin Field." She's loved "being able to get to know many of the flute underclassmen who I probably would not have met otherwise," and wants them to know they're all "stars!" Kate advises future bandos to "do what makes you HAPPY and savor every moment!" We want Kate to know that she's a star too, and we will miss her so much after graduation!

Hunter Pearl

Our next senior spotlight features Hunter Pearl! Hunter is a baritone and trombone player from Holmdel, NJ. At Penn, he's studied Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. Hunter advises new, incoming bandos to "do all your required readings, use Penn Course Review, and don't overload" - his system must work, since he's headed to Harvard Law after working in D.C. for a year post-graduation!

Hunter loved going to Kansas for the NCAAs his senior year, but his all time favorite band memory is when the "band came together to realize that it is better to bonegive than bonereceive." The band won't be the same without Hunter's sense of humor and smarts, best of luck after graduation!

Haley Rugh

Our next senior spotlight features Haley Rugh! Haley is a senior flute player from Middletown, CT. Haley is a Chemistry major and a German minor, and will be continuing her German studies when she becomes an English teaching assistant and Fulbright Scholar in Germany post-graduation! Her favorite band memory was the 2015 Penn-Princeton football game "where the team blocked Princeton's kick and the Penn band immediately started playing celebratory songs for the next ten minutes" and "aggressively stormed the field." She loves the Penn Band's boisterous spirit and it's volume as well - she advises new bandos that "fortissimo is the only dynamic marking that should be recognized."

Haley knows that "there's weird, and then there's Penn Band weird - and that is something to be proud of!" We've loved getting to know her weirdness, and the Penn Band won't be the same without Haley's fun-loving personality and incredible talents. Best of luck!

Matthew Eisenberg

Today's senior spotlight features Matthew Eisenberg, pictured with DM and friend Jenna Harowitz! Matt hails from Miami Beach, FL, and has studied Marketing with a minor in Psychology during his time at Penn. He's a father figure to the drum line, serving as Section Leader twice and playing bass, snare, and cymbals as needed! While the band will miss Matt's dependability and friendliness immensely, the digital marketing firm he will be working for post-graduation is lucky to have him! Best of luck in New York, Matt!

Matt's favorite band memories have all been road trips, whether it be "going to LA for the women’s NCAA tournament last year" or "going to Wichita for the men’s NCAA tournament" this year. Since he's made so many great memories on road trips, he encourages new bandos to do the same, encouraging them to "go on road trips! That homework assignment is not THAT important."

Daniel Kutzin

Our next senior spotlight features Daniel Kutzin! Dan is an International Relations major and Jazz & Popular Music minor from Eastchester, NY. He's another senior member of the drum line, and a talented Quint Toms player!

Dan has too many favorite band memories to pick just one, from "leading the Hey Day procession my first two years at Penn (those kiddies are a ruckus)," to "going to the NCAA tournament in Wichita" to playing with "my family during Family Weekend"! Despite a wide variety of favorite band memories, his advice to incoming bandos is quite succinct: "relax." The band will miss Dan's fun-loving and easy-going personality immensely next year, and we wish him the best of luck as he works at a charter school in Manhattan post-graduation! Congratulations!

Daniel Orol

Today's senior spotlight features Daniel Orol, pictured here with fellow chop Kyle McKee! Daniel hails from Raleigh, NC, and has studied MEAM & Robotics with a minor in Computer Science while at Penn. He's a senior chop player, past chop section leader, and loyal fan of his section; he wants future bandos to know that "chops are the best."

Daniel also advises incoming bandos to "do all the events you can," because "the more you do, the more fun you'll have." Some of his favorite band memories have resulted from going the extra mile and traveling with the band, from the "trip to the LA with the woman's NCAA" where he "got closer to the band, got to explore a lot of the city, and almost saw a really awesome basketball upset game" to the "senior trip in football season" where "the champagne popping and quizzo on the bus on the way back really made me feel close to the other seniors." The band won't be the same without him, best of luck after graduation!

Ben Parker

Our next senior spotlight features the band's 2016 President, the one and only Ben Parker! Ben is a clarinet player who hails from Great Falls, VA. At Penn, he's studied PPE (Philosophy, Politics & Economics) and REES (Russian and East European Studies). One of his favorite band memories was when fellow clarinet player Jacqueline Valeri "heckled a Cornell basketball player so intensely that he complained to the referee and slapped the ground, and we all started chanting 'Slap the ground! Slap the ground!'" To new bandos, Ben would like to offer a bit of wisdom: "do everything you can in band in your first years. Be as involved as possible while school is still relatively easy, making friends is comparatively easy, and school doesn't consume your life. It'll pay dividends in your junior and senior years." The band can't thank Ben enough for all the hard work and dedication he's put in these last four years, and we know he will do great things after graduation! Best of luck, Ben!

Kyle McKee

Our next senior spotlight features Kyle McKee! Kyle is a Drum Major and chop from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. At Penn, he's double majored in Chemistry and Political Science, and served as Travel Manager in addition to various Drum Major-ly roles during his time in the Penn Band. Kyle urges incoming bandos to not "take band too seriously!" His favorite band memories have all involved relaxing and having fun with other bandos, including "playing in the Band Football League (BFL) on Franklin Field after every Wednesday rehearsal" or "when my parents drove down to Wichita to watch the band and the basketball game." Don't be fooled by the toast - we think Kyle is super great, and will miss his friendliness and sense of humor immensely next year! Best of luck after graduation, Kyle!

Andrew Park

Our next senior spotlight features Andrew Park! Andrew is an Art History major and Environmental Science minor from Baltimore, Maryland. He's loved playing Bass Drum as a member of the drum line, and wanted to give a "special thanks to the drum line for being such a caring and loving group of people!"

Andrew advises new bandos to "make sure to slow down and appreciate your fellow bandos every once in a while because the years go by quickly." His favorite band memories all involve hanging out and relaxing with bandos, from "basketball road trips" to "drummer dinners" to "football homecoming games," where he loves seeing "so many current and past bandos come together!" Andrew is also proud of his legacy as the "team captain of the undefeated Penn Band FC - the intramural soccer team!" The band's 4 years with Andrew have gone by too quick - we will miss him immensely after graduation! Best of luck and congratulations!

Celeste Adler

Our next senior spotlight features Celeste Adler, pictured here with junior friend Izzy Viney! Celeste is a senior chop from San Carlos, California. She advises incoming bandos to be "different and excited about unique things. The older you get the cooler that will be." We assume that's why she's a Math major and Music minor - how multi-talented!

After graduation, Celeste plans to work as an actuary, but she fondly remembers her time with the band. Her favorite band memory was "ordering McNuggets to the band house at 3 am after sledding," but always appreciates "having a community of people I can ask for any range of favors from just some company to furniture moving." Even though Celeste joined the band as a senior, she's quickly become an integral member, and we'll miss her immensely after graduation! Congrats!

Jenna Harowitz

Our next senior spotlight features clarinet and Drum Major, Jenna Harowitz! Jenna is a Biological Basis of Behavior major and Chemistry and Psychology minor who plans to work for CHOP one year post-graduation before applying to medical school!

Jenna has so many favorite band memories, she has a hard time deciding. From "traveling to LA with the women's team for the NCAA's last year, playing for the baby Quakers at NSO, football homecoming every year, playing for Lin-Manuel Miranda at commencement our sophomore year," to "having a light saber battle with Emily on Franklin Field for homecoming," she's loved so much about being a member of the band! She advises future bandos to "go to as much as possible! Greer says it all the time but it's really true that 20 years from now when you look back on your time at Penn, you're not going to remember the grades or the group projects, but you will remember the crazy amount of fun you had with the band." Even when she's having a bad day, "going to band always makes me happy again." She wants to thank "all bandos, past and present, but especially to the class of 2018!" We want to thank Jenna as well for making the band a better place, and we will miss her so much after graduation! Congratulations!

Travis Gosse

Our next senior spotlight features Travis Gosse! Travis is a Bioengineering major from Appleton, WI. He plays the tuba and has served as Low Brass section leader twice - check out his legacy by following @PBLowBrass on Twitter!

Travis loves band for its ability to turn unfortunate situations into unforgettable experiences. His favorite memory was "after the parade in Atlantic City junior year, everyone was all hot and tired and then the bus broke down or something so we were stuck there for a while , but we decided to go swimming in the ocean and then get food on the boardwalk and it was really nice." His senior year, he loved participating in the Ivy League Tournament: "when the men's basketball team beat Harvard in the Ivy League tournament championship game, there was actually a huge crowd of students at the game because it was home and on a weekend, so everyone was celebrating together and it was really cool. It had also been a really good basketball game and was the first time the team would make the NCAA tournament in over a decade so that added a lot to the feeling."

Travis advises new bandos to "make a schedule of your commitments a long way in advance, and put both band performance and social events in their so you can plan around them! And then when you're looking for when your exams are, you'll see that you get to go to band after them and won't be sad." The band (and the band's Twitter presence) won't be the same without Travis after graduation, congratulations and best of luck!

Jeanette Freeman

Our next senior spotlight features Jeanette Freeman! Jeanette is a senior from Long Island, NY. She's majored in Biology and minored in Music and Chemistry at Penn, and will be pursuing her MD at New York Medical College next year!

Jeanette is a trombone player who's served as Fanfare Vice Chair, Recruitment and Retention Chair, and Low Brass Section Leader during her 4 years in band. Like a true lowbrassman, many of her favorite band memories involve building pyramids, from "yelling at Lin Manuel-Miranda "Do you want to pyramid?" and him saying "I don't know what that is" and then spontaneously building a pyramid in front of him. Lin then proceeded to pose next to us and then Koosh and I got into an awe stricken slapping fit" to "building a pyramid with my parents on Franklin Field" her senior year.

Jeanette has a few words of advice for future bandos, be it practical: "bring an empty drawstring bag with you on road trips. It's nice to have in the stands," or life advice: "ask for help when you need it, and and remember that you're at Penn for school first!" She wants to give a huge "thank you to all of Penn Band Nation! These have been some of the best years of my life and they would not have been half as much fun without you." Jeanette has spent so much time caring for the band, and we know whoever she cares for when she's a doctor is incredibly lucky. We will miss her so much after graduation, best of luck and congratulations!

Jaclin Boorse

Our next senior spotlight features Jaclin Boorse! Jaclin is a Psychology major and Linguistics minor from Norwood, PA. She is a flute player who has served as Historian, Music Manager, and Flute Section Leader throughout her 4 years in band! Not only is Jaclin dedicated and hard-working in band (as evidenced from her many Council positions), but she is in her academics as well; she will be attending Lehigh University for graduate school next year to study Psychology!

Jaclin is appreciative of Band for all the great memories its brought her. While "Band seems like a huge time commitment," she "promises that it's worth it! My best memories and best friends in college have come from all the time we spent at rehearsals, traveling, and going to games." For example, this past year she fondly remembers visiting "Cowtown in Kansas while we were there for the NCAA tournament. We all took turns swinging on a swing and playing these 19th century games that were clearly meant to entertain children, but as college students, we did it anyway and had a great time." As great as Kansas was, the Band doesn't need to be traveling to make unconventional situations fun: her all-time favorite memory was "during a field rehearsal for homecoming, the upper woodwinds started singing "The Lonely Goatherd" from the Sound of Music and it was so ridiculous that we were all laughing and (almost) forgot that we were lying on the ground in the rain." We will miss her so much next year, and band won't be the same without Jaclin as a fearless flute leader. Best of luck and congratulations!

Laura Kuder

Our next senior spotlight features Laura Kuder, pictured here with fellow flute senior Jaclin Boorse! Although Laura is originally from far away (hailing from Frankfurt, Germany) she has found a home in the band and served as Flute Section Leader, Treasurer, and even the Band's 2017 President! Outside the band, Laura has studied Behavioral Economics & Marketing within the Wharton School and minored in Chinese. She will be continuing to pursue marketing post-graduation, as she plans to work as a marketing analyst in NYC next year!

Laura has fond memories of all the amazing connections she's made in the band through music, whether it's "playing Every Every at the end of rehearsals and looking around the band room to see everyone just having fun and going crazy" or "conducting the Red & Blue after the men's basketball team won against Yale." All her favorite memories help her realize "how lucky I've been to be a part of this incredible group these last four years!" This includes her appreciation of the Penn Band Nation; she encourages new bandos to "take advantage of the Penn Band Alumni Network - they're not only a great resource, but also some of the nicest people you will ever meet who will always go out of their way to help you!" Most of all, Laura would like to say that she's "so thankful for everything that the Penn Band has given me over these last four years. The Penn Band was truly a home away from home for me. It's strange to think that "that was only four" years, since I will remember these times forever!" The band will miss Laura's dedication and boundless enthusiasm immensely after graduation, and we wish her the best of luck! Congratulations!

Emma Hetrick

Our next senior spotlight features Emma Hetrick, pictured here with fellow low brass gals Jeanette Freeman and Izzy Viney! Emma is a History and English double major from Hershey, PA (aka. "the sweetest place on Earth"). She's a senior mellophone player who has served as Low Brass Section Leader and Fanfare Chair! After graduation, she will be working at CURF, so the band will be lucky enough to see her around next year!

Emma recounts 4 favorite band memories, "one for each year I was in band":
#1: "Having my parents come onto the field for family weekend."
#2: The "LA trip, especially Universal Studios."
#3: The "Kansas trip, especially Cowtown and the kind people at Spangles."
#4: "Senior year Bonegiving," especially "seceding from low brass section (and then rejoining of course)."
Emma has loved her time as a Band member, and encourages new bandos to let the band be a place where you can escape from anxiety. The band will miss Emma's dedication and secret sass so much after graduation, and we wish her the best of luck! Congratulations to her and all the other band seniors for Commencing today!

Alice Yu

Although commencement may have passed, our senior spotlights are not over! Our next spotlight features Alice Yu! Alice is a clarinet senior who hails from Chicago, IL. She is an impressive bando who's studied Computational Biology with minors in Chemistry and Computer Science and plans to go to medical school at UCLA post-graduation, all while getting "8 hours of sleep" (her advice to new bandos).

Alice's favorite band memory was "when we won the homecoming game" her sophomore year, during which Penn beat rival Princeton by blocking a kick. The band (and especially her claribabes) will miss her so much next year, best of luck and congratulations!

John San Soucie

Our second to last senior spotlight features John San Soucie, pictured here with fellow Tuba senior Travis Gosse. John hails from Dallas, TX, and has studied Physics with minors in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics at Penn. Post-graduation, he will be attending MIT for graduate school! Congratulations!

As a past Recruitment and Retention chair as well as two-term Vice President, John has contributed a lot (particularly jokes) to the band. Like many other bandos, he has fond memories of traveling with the band, including "going to the Men's NCAA tournament in Wichita." However, John particularly loves the band for its ability to turn unfortunate situations into unforgettable memories - his all-time favorite band memory was "being miserable as a huge group on a rainy, 40 degree day in Hanover - in September!" The band will miss John's sense of humor and sheer volume immensely next year. Best of luck after graduation!

David F. Cantú

Our final senior spotlight features David F. Cantú, pictured here with fellow Chop senior Spencer Fox! David is a former Bari Sax player and current Chop and Bando of the Year who hails from Monterrey, Mexico. He studied Computer Engineering, and will be working for Adobe next year as a Computer Scientist! Congratulations!

David's favorite band memory was traveling for the "NCAA tournament my junior year when we went to LA. Had a lot of fun with everyone!" But, David has had as much fun just hanging out with his fellow bandos in Philadelphia as he's had traveling with the band: he's loved "hanging out with the fellow seniors and playing the trumpet. I really enjoyed the chops section." David advises incoming bandos to "remember why you joined band if you ever feel like it's too much. I always think of the fact that I joined because I like to play music and after you graduate you won't get a chance to play in a group like the band again." The band will miss David's fun-loving and easy-going nature so much next year, and we wish him the best of luck post-graduation!