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Spring 2015

·     General Body Meeting – Monday, January 19th, 7pm. Lippincott 247

·     March for Life in Washington, D.C. – Thursday, January 22nd . We will be leaving Penn around 8AM and returning around 8pm.

·     Letter Writing Campaign – Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 7pm in the Newman Center. We need help to address, stamp, stuff, and seal envelopes!

·     Member Dinner – Saturday, February 7th 6:45-8:00pm at Zesto’s Pizza!

·     Poster Event – March! We will be putting up flyers to raise awareness for the pro-life movement.

·     Movie Viewing – March 27th at 7pm in Huntsman F65. Movie: Gimme Shelter

·     Cemetery of the Innocents – April 6th 9-1:30pm on College Green. We will display flags representing the number of abortions committed since Roe v. Wade.



Fall 2014

·     General Body Meeting – Monday, September 1st, 3pm. Harnwell 2nd floor lounge.

·     Potluck – Saturday, November 1st, 12pm. Harnwell 2nd floor lounge.

·     Stupak Speaker Event – Thursday, December 4th, 7pm Huntsman Hall 265




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