Garba Raas is an energetic Indian folk dance which originated in Gujarat hundreds of years ago but has now evolved in to a full-fledged competitive circuit. Penn Raas was formed in 2007 and is UPenn's premier garba/raas team composed of both undergraduate and graduate students. Penn Raas is Penn's only co-ed competitive Indian dance team and is recognized as an offical SCC funded University of Pennsylvania sports club. The team's status as an exclusively competitive team makes it a unique South Asian dance group at Penn. We travel the country and in addition to performing in front of our favorite people at our favorite place, Penn, we have competed in several selective competitions including Raas Chaos in Washington D.C., Maryland Masti, and Dandia on Fire at Penn State. This past year we had the opportunity to qualify for and compete at the Raas-All Stars National Championship in Dallas, TX. In this coming year we plan on continuing to establish ourselves as one of the nation's premier garba/raas teams!