The Scandinavian Society of the University of Pennsylvania

What's up next for PennScan?

January 2010

Intro Meeting & Movie Night (movie: Pahat Pojat, Finland), Thurs Jan 28, 7:30pm, Location TBD

February 2010

PennScan Out-To-Dinner, restaurant TBD, Thurs Feb 4, 8pm
Movie Night - movie TBD (suggestions welcome!), Mon Feb 22, 8pm

March 2010

Cooking kanelbullar with Juulia, Fri March 19, 4pm

April 2010

Move Night - movie TBD (suggestions welcome!), Wed April 7, 8pm
Semi-Annual PennScan Potluck Dinner, Wed April 28, 8pm

Other events, dates TBD

Flyers Game
Lunch at Ikea

Winter Olympics Viewings in February

We'll try to keep date, time, and locations changes to a minimum, but all event info will be emailed out to our listserv. We love suggestions, so if you have any ideas be sure to get in touch with the board.

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