Penn for LiNK
Liberty in North Korea

We are Penn for Liberty in North Korea, a student organization at the University of Pennsylvania that aims to help end the humanitarian crisis in North Korea by:

.: Raising money to aid Liberty in North Korea’s (a non-governmental organization) efforts to rescue and resettle North Korean refugees

.: Spreading awareness about the human rights violations that occur in North Korea

.: Provide a forum of open and informed discussion about the North Korean humanitarian crisis and how we can help solve it

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Looking for more information about the crisis in North Korea? Check our our research blog!

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The Mission of Liberty in North Korea

  • Liberty in North Korea is a global movement standing with the North Korean people as they face one of the biggest challenges confronting humanity today. We exist to empower the North Korean people as they drive progress inside their country.

  • Refugee Rescues: We help North Korean refugees reach safety & freedom through a 3,000-mile rescue journey.

  • Resettlement Assistance: Once refugees reach freedom, we provide resettlement assistance to empower & help them to succeed.

  • Changing the Narrative: We are changing the way the world sees North Korea, so the people get the international support that they deserve.

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