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About PIIC - what we offer

What We Do
Our History
Meet the Board
Advisory Committee

  • Penn International Impact Consulting (PIIC) is a student-run organization that provides pro-bono consulting services to international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other nonprofits across the developing world. PIIC’s mission is to offer business solutions to NGOs in helping them achieve long-term sustainability and growth. Our overarching vision is to enable our NGO partners to create transformative change in their communities.

    We organize and implement both on-site and off-site projects for students to consult for nonprofits and NGOs in developing countries. Much of our year is spent collaborating with NGOs all over the world, identifying their capacity needs and quality of programs, and developing projects with intended goals and outcomes. We then select student consultants from a rigorous schoolwide application pool, assign trip leaders for each project, and provide professional training for our members to acquire the necessary skills and expertise to best execute the projects. During the summer and spring, our consultants work directly with NGOs to create and implement detailed strategies to achieve the intended outcomes. Most of our on-site projects are conducted by Penn students and last about three weeks in the summer, while our off-site projects are completed throughout the spring semester by members of PIIC. After project completion, we undergo rigorous evaluation to measure the effectiveness of our projects and to determine how we can better scale our impact moving forward. Click here to see where we've worked before.

    Another key component of our club is raising student awareness about the importance of international development, in addition to cultivating student interest in pursuing socially conscious careers and in becoming otherwise globally-engaged citizens. To this end, we hold speaker events on social impact themes, conduct site visits to consulting firms and philanthropic organizations, and host social and educational events in collaboration with other on-campus organizations.

    Our Goals:

    • Utilize financial, management, and marketing skills and resources to identify and provide business solutions for global non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other not-for-profits on short-term consulting projects.
    • Provide undergraduates with non-traditional applications for business knowledge in the global context and exposure to international culture.
    • Educate the Penn community and promote awareness of international economic development through speaker events and field trips

  • The Marketing & Events Committee promotes PIIC and its mission, projects, and events within the Penn community and to manage the image of PIIC within the larger social-impact sphere. Past marketing projects include collaborating with other social-minded clubs on events, developing a PIIC Travel Blog, and creating fliers and brochures for events and information sessions. There will be numerous opportunities to collaborate with the fundraising, project development, and events committees to effectively publicize our initiatives to the appropriate target audience. Individual committee member responsibilities include:

    • Designing marketing materials for PIIC events
    • Collaborating with other committees to generating standardized press packets for release
    • Using networking tools and creative marketing to raise the profile of PIIC among NGO networks/social impact organizations
    • Initiates and organizes club-wide external and internal events to promote social mission

    The Project Development (PD) Committee is responsible for researching, contacting, and building partnerships with NGO's abroad. In the Fall PD members research and collaborate with NGOs to determine their capacity needs and from there, devise projects for students to best address those needs. In the spring, PD Members will work closely with the NGO and project team to further hammer out the logistics of the project. In the past few years, the Project Development Committee has contacted hundreds of NGOs across the world and laid the ground work for projects. Individual committee member responsibilities include:

    • Sending emails to NGOs inquiring about partnering together
    • Collaborating with NGOs to develop appropriate consulting projects both on-site and off-site.
    • Selecting which NGOs to partner with.

    The Impact Assessment (IA) Committee is responsible for increasing PIIC's presence and credibility by evaluating the club's impact on our NGO partners. In addition, IA is responsible for planning internal and external events such as business workshops, cultural panels, and trip preparation sessions to ensure that our trip teams are prepared for their projects. Individual committee member responsibilities include:

    • Conducting exit interviews with trip participants and NGO partners to feedback on our consulting project's selection, recruitment, and preparation process
    • Research and develop metrics, surveys, and other quantitative methods of evaluating our impact on NGOs
    • Creating case studies that summarize our consulting projects
    • Working with other clubs, professors, or students to learn about best practices in nonprofit consulting
    • Determine and organize the most appropriate cultural and training workshops for projects.

  • History of PIIC

    After participating in a Wharton International Volunteers Program (WIVP) consulting trip to Cameroon in summer 2004, Valerie Tsai (W ’06) founded Penn International Business Volunteers (PIBV - now PIIC) as an undergraduate counterpart to the MBA organization. Tsai felt that undergraduate students could personally benefit from working with non-governmental organizations in developing countries and also positively impact their clients as well. PIIC was established immediately after her return, in the fall of 2004.

    The next summer, a team of twelve students traveled to Guatemala City for PIBV’s first official project, where they consulted for Safe Passage, an NGO that provides educational services to underprivileged children. The team focused on developing a marketing plan for the NGO’s revenue generating hotel and a fundraising strategy.

    During the 2005-2006 academic year, PIIC expanded to a membership of 25 students. With the additional support, PIBV held its first Wharton Conference on Social Responsibility, titled The Intersection of Private Business with Public Service. Members of the NGO community, government, businesses, and students came together for a day to discuss problems and goals of modern economic development. The event was extremely well-attended by Penn students as well as professionals. Following the success of the 2006 conference, PIBV organized the second annual Wharton Conference on Social Responsibility, titled Investing in Green in the spring of 2007.

    PIBV organized its second consulting project in 2006, working with the FUCOHSO, an agricultural NGO in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Nine students worked on three projects: developing a financial model to reflect potential growth over a five year period, designing a management plan for an agricultural technology training center, and advising rural credit cooperatives on how to best allocate funds.

    In 2015, we decided to change our name to Penn International Impact Consulting (PIIC) to better reflect our mission and work in the social impact consulting realm. In the past eleven years, PIIC has grown tremendously in membership and scope of projects. Over forty members currently work together in three committees. We have collaborated with over 30 different NGOs from all over the world for both on-site and off-site projects.

  • Meet the board

    Andrew Gegios


    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Sydney Yang

    Project Development Chair

    Kohler, Wisconsin

    Brandon Chin

    Marketing Chair + Events Chair

    Newtown, Pennsylvania

    Hanna Seminario

    Impact Assessment Chair

    Portland, Oregon

    Ira Ko

    Recruitment Chair

    New York, New York

    Aastha Jain


    Calcutta, India

    Katie Simon


    New York, New York

    Consultant at United Nations Global Compact

  • Advisory Committee

    Our advisory committee is currently being reviewed and reorganized.

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