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  • Penn International
    Impact Consulting
    A PIIC team consulted a not-for-profit Montessori school named Banyan Center
    with the Burmese Refugee Project, situated in Pai, a town on the border between
    Thailand and Burma. They helped improve its business plan, create an Excel
    accounting system and expand its marketing effortsto better enable its goal of
    providing free education to Burmese refugee children.
  • Kliptown Youth Program
    Kliptown Youth Program (KYP) is a youth organization in Kliptown, South Africa,
    an impoverished township outside of Johannesburg, that provides food, tutoring,
    sports, performing arts, and mentorship opportunities for 400 children. PIIC’s
    team of consultants helped make KYP a more proactive, forward-thinking
    organization through creating a comprehensive budget, securing corporate
    sponsorships, developing marketing materials, improving bank account
    procedures, and helping the organization run more effectively on a day to day basis.
    The Association for Sustainable Development (ASSID) is an organization based in
    Rabat that provides rural women throughout Morocco with the support and training
    to improve their living situations through income-generating agricultural projects.
    PIIC's team of six consultants helped ASSID by developing their website content and
    overall online presence, improving grant proposals, and finding new sources for funding.
  • OML
    One Million Lights (OML) Philippines is a youth-led nonprofit organization that aims
    to improve the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean, safe, and
    affordable lighting to rural communities in the Philippines. The PIIC consultant team
    helped to reorganize OML's internal structure and improve its external marketing
    strategy for stakeholders. They also prepared an impact assessment report of OML's
    impact on the communities that it serves.
  • Nur-Avicenum
    PIIC’s team worked in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan for 3 weeks with Nur-Avicenum,
    a non-profit hospital dedicated to providing quality cardiac services for the
    surrounding Almaty region. They worked with hospital management to project
    future finances and successfully implemented a marketing portfolio as well as
    other systematic changes to increase donations and decreases operational costs.
  • Rwanda Partners
    PIIC sent an team of four students to Kigali, Rwanda to consult for Rwanda Partners,
    a non-profit organization committed to fighting poverty and fortifying communities
    which were torn apart by the Rwandan Genocide. The team developed a comprehensive
    business model for Rwandan chicken farms, which sources all materials locally and
    employs widows of the genocide. In Rwanda, the student consultants collaborated
    with national government officials and local authorities to develop and implement a
    business model which has now been applied across the country.

We provide quality consulting services to help NGOs across the developing world achieve transformative change.

Great news! We recently changed our name from Penn International Business Volunteers (PIBV) to Penn International Impact Consulting (PIIC) to better match our mission and work!

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