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  • Partner with Us


    Our expertise is international non-profit consulting. We provide high quality consulting services to help organizations overseas achieve transformative change. Our services have shown measurable results for our partner NGOs. To best accommodate to our partner organizations, we offer one of two different services:

    • On-site Consulting: We send a team of 4-6 consultants to your NGO site to work on a consulting project for approximately 3 weeks (in either May or August).
    • Off-site Consulting: We set up a team of 4-6 consultants to work based here in the United States for your organizations over a time frame of approximately 2 months

    PIIC provides an array of consulting services to our partner NGOs, such as (but not limited to): business strategy, capacity building, impact assessment, fundraising, feasibility analysis, marketing analysis and materials, and financial analysis and planning.


    We partner with non-governmental organizations and non-for-profits abroad (non-US). Over the years, we have worked with NGOs in various sectors and covering 5 continents. Past partners include:

    • Burmese Refugee Project (Thailand): Growth strategy, including a financial and marketing plan, for a start-up school
    • Nur-Avicenum Medical Center (Kazakhstan): Cost-containment model for growth and diversification of medical services
    • Kliptown Youth Program (South Africa): Standardization of accounting, budgeting, and marketing procedures
    • Manna Project (Ecuador): Long-term sustainable business-plan and growth strategy for microfinance program
    • Goodwill Group Foundation Projects (Thailand): Financial evaluation and performance assessment; Marketing and branding strategy
    • SKIP Peru (Peru): Financial analysis and business strategy for implementation of microcredit loan program; Business plan to launch new programs

    For our complete list, check out our project map.


    Our Partnership Application Process has several stages.

    • Stage 1: Fill out the Contact Us form below.
    • Stage 2: We will follow-up with an application for us to better understand your organization and your capacity needs.
    • Stage 3: After we review your application, we will set up a conference call with you to draft the project.
    • Stage 4: If we see that your needs match our services, we will finalize the project details and provide a team of consultants, to execute the planned project.

    Contact Us:


    “It is certainly quiet and lonely without your team here as I have grown accustomed to having you work along side me, and I miss also our dinners and discussions about your work. I would like to thank all of you for the tremendous efforts you have made to help us here at Nur-Avicenum and hope that your work will become a foundation for our mission to improve the healthcare of our neighbors in the Almaty Oblast….We will never forget what you have done for us and will be forever grateful to all of you.”

    Vladimir Kraisman, Chief of Medicine, Nur-Avicenum Medical Center, Kazakhstan

  • Sponsor Us

    Interested in sponsoring PIIC? Please contact pibv.marketing@gmail.com for more information.

    We’d like to thank the following organizations for their valuable support and contributions to PIIC.

  • Become a Member

    This is the page to join our general body in the fall. If you're looking for summer trips, please navigate to "Go on a Trip."

  • Go on a Trip

    Our application process for Summer 2016 will begin in Winter 2016.

    Trip descriptions and FAQs for this Summer 2015 trips can be found below.

    Summer 2015 Trips

    Generations for Peace | Jordan

    Generations for Peace is devoted to spreading peace around the world through sports, arts, dialogue, empowerment, and advocacy, operating in 50 countries with headquarters in Amman. It was founded by HRH Prince Feisal of Jordan, the King's brother, and it was recently ranked the 2nd best peace-building NGO and the 32nd best NGO overall by the Global Journal. Consultants will help enhance and assess impact based on their 2015 Capacity Self-Assessment.

    Fundación SNP | Chile

    Fundación SNP’s principal mission is to encourage conservation and promote the social and economic development of communities in the Chilean Patagonia. The Foundation looks to strike a balance between development and the preservation of natural resources. They develop eco-friendly strategies and teach these methods to the local population, helping to conserve the beauty that the area has to offer. As PIIC participants, you will be laying the ground work for achieving the Foundation's vision for the region: branding Palena as a cultural destination within Patagonia. Project components include (1) market analysis of successful cultural destinations for tourists; (2) assessment of Palena as a tourist destination with suggestions for improvement; and (3) a marketing strategy for Palena as a tourist destination. The final deliverable will consist of a plan for how to intertwine Fundacion SNP's different projects and initiatives to create a tourist destination that answer needs of market. Proficiency in Spanish is highly recommended but not required.

    New Hope for Cambodian Children | Cambodia

    New Hope for Cambodian Children is an NGO established about a half hour from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Founded almost 10 years ago by an American couple, NHCC seeks to provide aid to orphaned Cambodian children living with HIV/AIDS. Housing and providing education on-site to nearly 400 children, NHCC also does outreach and provides critical care in the homes of over 1,100 victims of the virus throughout Cambodia. The main objectives of a PIIC team would be: 1. A financial evaluation of two businesses established by NHCC in an effort to attain sustainable funding; and 2. A marketing revamp through various outlets.

    Moroccan CISE | Morocco

    Moroccan CISE is the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, a platform that acts for social change in Morocco through Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. CISE envisions a world where innovative ideas and opportunities are at the service of the common good and works tirelessly on finding innovative and entrepreneurial solutions for every social challenge in Morocco. PIIC will develop an impact assessment model to measure capacity building, research, and incubation.

    CIYOTA - Coburwas International Youth Organisation to Transform Africa | Uganda

    CIYOTA was founded by young people living in the Kyangwali refugee settlement in Uganda. Upon arriving in the settlement, CIYOTA’s founders recognized the critical challenges faced by the refugee community: poverty, violence, disease, and insufficient access to quality and functional education. It is in this context that CIYOTA was created to improve the lives of young people through functional education, socially responsible leadership, and social entrepreneurship activities. Since its inception, CIYOTA has established various programs within Kyangwali and its surrounds to uplift the community. With PIIC, CIYOTA hopes that a team 4-6 consultants can help CIYOTA assess its growing impact by designing, testing and implementing a model for impact assessment through solid and thorough research in the Kyangwali refugee settlement in Uganda where CIYOTA primarily operates.

    Teach for the Philippines | Philippines

    Teach for the Philippines (TFP) is a nonprofit organization that works to increase access to an excellent quality education for underprivileged Filipino children. TFP invests heavily in the country’s most promising young leaders to teach for two years in high-need public schools throughout the Philippines. Through their experiences in the classroom, Teach for the Philippines transforms these leaders into lifelong advocates for education equity. PIIC will evaluate TFP's program, assess their impact as well as examine how TFP monitors their impact. These efforts will build upon the work of previous PIIC teams, continuing the long-term partnership our organizations share. TFP is seeking creative, out-of-the box thinkers that exhibit both empathy and collaboration.

    The Global Alliance for Animals and People | Chile

    GAAP is formed by people and partners across the globe that recognize the importance of maintaining support to people and their animals in Latin America. The GAAP envisions a Latin America where people live in harmony with animals and the environment; where people recognize the cultural, emotional and economic value that they provide us with, so that they manage them in ways that maintain their states of health, sustainability and functionality. GAAP needs help becoming more sustainable and interdependent within its own organization. Similarly, it seeks to revamp its marketing strategy with the purpose of communicating its message more effectively, through which they hope to receive more donors, and ultimately hope to conduct an extensive impact assessment to evaluate the impact that they have had throughout Chilean communities.

    Princeton Peru Partnership | Peru

    Princeton Peru Partnership is a registered non-profit organization whose mains goals are to promote access to early education and gender equality high up in the Peruvian Andes. Over the past 4 years, Princeton Peru Partnership has raised about $42,000 and successfully constructed an elementary school and a girl’s dormitory. As PIIC partners, you will be putting together an impact assessment for the team, you will develop a fundraising strategy for acquiring a new donor base, and you will expand the Princeton Peru Partnership brand into the Wharton School.


    1) What are the trips dates and how are they decided?

    Your trip dates are chosen among your team members once your team has been formed by PIIC. It is the responsibility of the Lead Consultant to get in touch with Associate Consultants and set up a meeting to book airfare together for the same dates. Generally, our projects start after finals exams in May and end three weeks afterwards, but this is subject to your entire team's availability.

    2) Who can apply for PIIC trips?

    Penn students from all schools, years, and majors can apply for the trips. Applicants must be in the undergraduate program and cannot be an exchange student. International students are welcome to apply, but keep in mind that any student selected to travel might need to obtain a foreign visa.

    3) Do I apply for just one trip in particular?

    We have one application for all trips. You rank all your trip preferences on the application.

    4) Must I have participated in a trip before to apply for Lead Consultant?

    We welcome all qualified applications from students of all schools, years, and majors for Lead Consultant. No prior PIIC experience is required.

    5) Who pays for the PIIC trips?

    All PIIC trip participants have to cover the costs of their own trips. We do offer a list of grants and sponsorships for all participants to help ease the burden. In the past, some teams have found ways to fundraise; individual participants are also welcome to try fundraising for their trip. In addition, some NGOs cover basic costs such as food or housing.

    6) What are the added responsibilities of Lead Consultants over Associate Consultants?

    Act as primary liaison with PIIC exec board and the NGO

    Coordinate trip logistics Ensure that safety precautions are taken and manage risks onsite Ensure team members' attendance of PIIC trainings throughout the spring Commit to trip documentation requirements and impact assessment requirements (e.g. exit interviews) upon return Drive the teams goals forward during the consulting project

    We encourage you to apply for Lead Consultant if you are considering it because the time commitment is not significantly greater than Associate Consultant! Throughout the semester, you will only have to spend about 10-15 extra hours in attending trainings and organizing logistics.

    7) What happens if I am not selected as a Lead Consultant?

    If you are not selected for Lead Consultant, you will be placed in the Associate Consultant pool and considered in that pool.

    8) Will I get trained before my trip?

    PIIC has mandatory training sessions for all accepted students. Our training sessions are led by faculty members and graduate students. They cover a range of topics such as business concepts, culture, and risk management.

    9) When do I have to commit to a trip if accepted?

    Lead Consultants must commit in their applications. Associate Consultants commit shortly after acceptance at the first training. Deposits will be given back to those trip participants who attend the summer trips and contribute to the Impact Assessment Committee's mandatory survey collection the following fall semester. If you are a graduating senior, we will make alternate arrangements.

    Other questions? Email pibv.applications@gmail.com

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