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Previous Partners:


Our expertise is international non-profit consulting. We provide high quality consulting services to help organizations overseas achieve transformative change. Our

services have shown measurable results for our partner NGOs. To best accommodate to our partner organizations, we offer one of two different services:

  • On-site Consulting: We send a team of 4-6 consultants to your NGO site to work on a consulting project for approximately 3 weeks (in either May or August).

  • Off-site Consulting: We set up a team of 4-6 consultants to work based here in the United States for your organizations over a time frame of approximately 2 months

  • PIIC provides an array of consulting services to our partner NGOs, such as (but not limited to): business strategy, capacity building, impact

    assessment, fundraising, feasibility analysis, marketing analysis and materials, and financial analysis and planning.


    We partner with non-governmental organizations and non-for-profits abroad (non-US). Over the years, we have worked with NGOs in various sectors and covering

    5 continents. Past partners include:

  • Burmese Refugee Project (Thailand): Growth strategy, including a financial and marketing plan, for a start-up school

  • Nur-Avicenum Medical Center (Kazakhstan): Cost-containment model for growth and diversification of medical services

  • Kliptown Youth Program (South Africa): Standardization of accounting, budgeting, and marketing procedures

  • Manna Project (Ecuador): Long-term sustainable business-plan and growth strategy for microfinance program

  • Goodwill Group Foundation Projects (Thailand): Financial evaluation and performance assessment; Marketing and branding strategy

  • SKIP Peru (Peru): Financial analysis and business strategy for implementation of microcredit loan program; Business plan to launch new programs

    For our complete list, check out our project map.


    Our Partnership Application Process has several stages.

  • Stage 1: Fill out the Contact Us form below.

  • Stage 2: We will follow-up with an application for us to better understand your organization and your capacity needs.

  • Stage 3: After we review your application, we will set up a conference call with you to draft the project.

  • Stage 4: If we see that your needs match our services, we will finalize the project details and provide a team of consultants, to execute the planned project.

  • Contact Us:


    “It is certainly quiet and lonely without your team here as I have grown accustomed to having you work along side me, and I miss also our dinners and discussions about your work. I would like to thank all of you for the tremendous efforts you have made to help us here at Nur-Avicenum and hope that your work will become a foundation for our mission to improve the healthcare of our neighbors in the Almaty Oblast….We will never forget what you have done for us and will be forever grateful to all of you.”

    Vladimir Kraisman, Chief of Medicine, Nur-Avicenum Medical Center, Kazakhstan

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