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New: A cash prize will now be awarded for the best paper!

Spring 2010 Issue Released!


Every submission must be an original work of the author or authors involved. Acceptable pieces include substantive philosophical essays or short critical reviews. PPP gladly accepts articles from any philosophical perspective or tradition. 

Within a week of submission, you will receive a formal reply that your paper has been received. PPP maintains a high standard for the review process, and our goal is to ensure that every paper receives a fair and careful analysis from at least two reviewers. Starting with the next issue, the best papers will be passed on to professional philosophers for further evaluation, and in such cases, the authors may receive helpful comments to improve their work. In short, the PPP staff puts a great deal of time and attention into the review process, so please be patient when waiting for a decision.

Your name should only appear on the cover page, but not anywhere else in the paper. We use a blind-review process.

Once a paper is received by us, there will be no further opportunity for revision until and unless we explicitly respond to you asking for a revision to be made. Please ensure that submissions have been thoroughly proof-read and are free of mechanical errors. Include a cover page with your name, phone number, college or university name, class year, major, and paper title. All pages should be numbered.

Initially, selected papers will be conditionally accepted. The final publication of all papers requires that they first satisfy several professional requirements, including that the author correspond with the PPP staff in a responsible and timely manner, and that the author is willing to further support or clarify their arguments upon the reviewer's request. An unwillingness to assist the PPP staff with these quality-insurance measures may result in a paper's rejection.


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