President: Mounica Gummadi
  Year: 2015
  Major: Biological Basis of Behavior
  Fun Facts: I have been a hospice
  volunteer for the past 5 years and
  absolutely love it!! I grew up in North
  Carolina my entire life, but never
  managed to pick up a true Southern
  drawl. My not-so-secret addictions
  include chocolate covered pretzels and
  kit kat bars. If you ever want to chat
  about hospice volunteering and eat
  some chocolate then I’m your girl!

Executive VP: Andrew Huang

Year: 2015

Major: Biology

Fun Facts: I’ve volunteered with
SHOOP for over two years and have met some incredible people along the way. My life has always been centered in New Jersey, but luckily I’ve escaped a few times to explore western Europe and a lot of Asia (and hopefully everything in between soon). Volunteer with us and experience a similar diversity of people and thoughts for yourself!

  Marketing and Recruitment           
  Co-Chair: Gloria Ku

  Year: 2015

  Major: Health and Societies

  Fun Facts: Hi everyone! I was born in
Phoenix, Arizona, and I currently reside
  in San Ramon, California. A fun fact
about me is that I lived in Sweden for
2 years! I have been a part of SHOOP
  for more than a year. SHOOP is not
  only an organization, but a truly
special community full of individuals
  with a passion for volunteering. I know
  you want to join us!          

Marketing and Recruitment 
Wesley Peng

Year: 2016

Major: Biochemistry, Biological Basis
of Behavior

Fun Facts: I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio and have been in SHOOP
for two years. Aside from SHOOP, I’m involved in SPEC, the College Advising Office and research at HUP/TRL. When I’m not studying, I can most likely be found playing piano and violin in the Music Building, exploring Reading Terminal and Chinatown, or enjoying a Mt. Vesuvius sundae at Franklin Fountain.

  Chair of External Affairs:                 
  Ahmed Yousaf

  Year: 2016

  Major: Biology

  Fun Facts: I was born and raised in  
  West Virginia and have an identical
  twin brother. I enjoy playing tennis,
  the violin, and value my time
  volunteering with the great people
  involved with hospice.

Historian: Tim Lee

Year: 2015

Major: Biology

Fun Facts: Hey everyone! My name is Tim and I’ve been in SHOOP for 1 year.
I can’t imagine Penn without SHOOP
and all the opportunities it’s given me!
If I’m not stressing in VP, you’ll
probably find me skateboarding down Locust or gallivanting around Philly with my camera. I’ve been photographing professionally for about a year and I love it to death and skateboarding… well besides getting me hurt on a regular basis, has provided me with so many opportunities to travel the world (I skated in Barcelona at the age of 12 and wrote my “Why Penn?” essay on skateboarding). Looking forward to a great year and I hope to see you around!

  Freshman Liaison: Eliza Giles

  Year: 2017

  Major: Nursing

  Fun Facts: I was born in Philadelphia 
  so I am a big Phillies fan and my
  favorite place is Reading Terminal
  Market, but now home is Santa
  Barbara, California. When I’m not
  studying or listening to NPR, I spend a
  my time outdoors as a Wilderness EMT
  or playing team sports. I love any type
  of social philanthropic work and I’m
  very excited to start my service career at
  Penn with hospice volunteering.

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