About Special Species Symposium 2010

Each year the Special Species Symposium strives to provide participants with a unique learning experience in the many fields of exotic animal veterinary medicine. The Colleges of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University and at the University of Pennsylvania alternate hosting the Symposium annually. The 2010 Special Species Symposium Committee from the University of Pennsylvania plans to continue the tradition of sharing with you lecturers and presenters who are experts in their field and are excited to educate. Learning opportunities will include marine animal, invertebrate, exotic practice, reptile, and emergency medicines, emerging disease studies, and many other subjects, with particular emphasis on conservation of our environment.

The Special Species Symposium welcomes all veterinary students, veterinary technicians/nurses, and veterinarians who wish to attend; especially those who share our interest in the wellbeing of exotic animals.

As we prepare for this exciting event, we thank the many lecturers and presenters who graciously share with us their time and knowledge in this and in previous years.

Below are the members of the 2010 Special Species Symposium committee from the University of Pennsylvania.

We look forward to a great symposium.

Co-Coordinators Sarah Cannizzo
Breanna Caltagarone
Lecture Chair Rebecca Csomos rcsomos@vet.upenn.edu
Wetlab Chairs Hillary Herendeen
Eileen Seage
Banquet Organizers Monique Garcia
Smita Namjoshi
Registration/Website Dennis Michels
Stephanie Arrison
Housing Chair Stephanie Arrison
IACUC Chair Gillian Braden-Weiss gbraden@vet.upenn.edu
Fundraising Chair and Committee Erika Lin-Hendel
Chelsea McIntyre
Ben Golas
Treasurer Erin McGowan emcgowan@vet.upenn.edu
Faculty Advisor Dr. Jeleen Briscoe, VMD
Dr. Troy Hallman, VMD


Please note, because space is limited, symposium Lecture registration is reserved for veterinary students, technicians, pre-veterinary students and veterinarians. The Wetlab registration is open to veterinary students only.

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