About Special Species Symposium 2014

Each year the Special Species Symposium strives to provide participants with a unique learning experience in the many fields of exotic animal veterinary medicine. The Colleges of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University and at the University of Pennsylvania alternate hosting the Symposium annually. The 2014 Special Species Symposium Committee from the University of Pennsylvania plans to continue the tradition of sharing with you lecturers and presenters who are experts in their field and are excited to educate. Learning opportunities will include marine animal, exotic practice, reptile, and emergency medicines, emerging disease studies, and many other subjects, with particular emphasis on conservation of our environment.

The Special Species Symposium welcomes all veterinary students, veterinary technicians/nurses, and veterinarians who wish to attend; especially those who share our interest in the wellbeing of exotic animals.

As we prepare for this exciting event, we thank the many lecturers and presenters who graciously share with us their time and knowledge in this and in previous years.

Below are the members of the 2014 Special Species Symposium committee from the University of Pennsylvania. Please contact us at specialspecies2014@gmail.com.

We look forward to a great symposium.

Coordinator Molly Hosier
Lecture Chairs Rachel Ruden
Kayleigh McCormick
Wetlab Chairs Maria Passarelli
Michele Dickey
Banquet Chairs Alyssa Leone
Stephanie Principati
Registration Chairs Alisha Martin
Janelle DeFulio
Web/IT Chair Michelle Dunn
IACUC Chair Katelyn Laury
Fundraising Chairs Casey Murphy
Nicole D'Addezio
Treasurer Lynn Pavlovic
PR Chair Tara Gaab
Faculty Symposium Advisor Dr. Nicole Wyre
Faculty IACUC Advisor Dr. La'Toya Latney