The Philadelphia Campus is located at 380 S University Ave (Hill Pavilion), Philadelphia, PA 19104

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From/to Philadelphia International Airport

  • Cabs are available to Center City or Penn's Campus for a flat fee of approx. $20.
  • Shuttle services are listed below. Reservations are typically not necessary, though advance-booking is available. Many companies run vans 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Lady Liberty shuttle vans can be located at the baggage claim area or by dialing #27 on any airport phone. Shuttle service cost is approx. $8 one-way.
    • Deluxe Transportation (215) 463-8787
    • Flying Carport (215) 492-1161
    • Lady Liberty Transportation (215) 724-8888
    • Philly Shuttle (215) 333-1441
  • Local rail service (SEPTA) is also available from the airport to Center City or Penn's Campus ($7). Take the Airport line to University City. The stop brings you to South St and 30th. South Street becomes Spruce Street about 2 blocks west of the SEPTA station. Continue walking west on Spruce to 38th. Turn left on 38th St and continue to the Hill Pavilion, which is clearly marked on the right side of the street.
  • Travel time by car from Philadelphia International Airport to Center City and/or Penn's Campus is approximately 20 minutes.

By car from/to all University of Pennsylvania locations visit UPENN Driving Directions.

Please visit the Airport website for more information.