We are proud to present outstanding professionals in the many fields of special species medicine. We thank all the lecturers who graciously devote their time and insight.

Below is the finalized list of the lectures planned for the 2010 Special Species Symposium.

For the finalized lecture schedule, please download the SSS 2010 SCHEDULE.

Lecturer Lecture Topic
Saturday, April 10, 2010
Dr. Donald Stremme Aquarium Medicine: Stories from the Trenches
Dr. Val Beasley Purposeful Careers for Veterinarians in Wildlife & Ecosystem Health
Dr. Juli Goldstein Marine Mammals as Sentinels for Oceans and Human Health
Dr. Karen Rosenthal Feather Destructive Behavior in Pet Birds
Dr. Len Donato The Ferret Big Three
Dr. Erica Miller Getting the Lead Out: Treating Lead Poisoning in Avian Species
Dr. Cindy Driscoll Marine Mammal Conservation, Strandings, and Examination
Dr. Shane Boylan Chelonian Medicine and Surgery with an Emphasis on Sea Turtles
Sunday, April 11, 2010
Dr. Chris Montomery Case Studies in Zoo Medicine
Mr. Bruce Foster The Role Veterinary Medicine has Played in the Recovery of the Wyoming Toad (Bufo baxteri), One of North America's Most Endangered Amphibians
Dr. John Rowden Migratory Shorebird Conservation in Jamaica Bay, New York
Dr. Chick Weisse Interventional Radiology for Special Species
Dr. Jeleen Briscoe The Animal Welfare Act May One Day Cover Birds
Dr. John Lewis Dentistry in Ferrets adn Select Zoo Animals
Dr. Len Donato Exotics Practice: Managing Your Patients and Your Business
Dr. Alexander Reiter Dentistry in Pet Lagomorphs and Rodents


Please note, because space is limited, symposium Lecture registration is reserved for veterinary students, technicians, pre-veterinary students and veterinarians. The Wetlab registration is open to veterinary students only.
Please note, this schedule may be subject to alterations.

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